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Explore the Barandabhar Corridor Forest

Located in the Chitwan District of Nepal, the Barandabhar Corridor Forest is a long, narrow strip of land, covering and an area of 87.9 square kilometers, and dividing the district into east and west. The forest is well watere... read more

Battling Illegal Wildlife Trade in Nepal

In a world where wildlife is increasingly under threat, Nepal is going to great lengths to protect the wildlife within its borders, and was recently the recipient of a CITES commendation in recognition of its efforts in combat... read more

Vulture Conservation in Nepal

As the scavengers of nature, vultures play an important role in the ecology by cleaning up carcasses of dead animals. They are also culturally important to communities who carry out sky burial rituals in Nepal and Tibet. When ... read more

Road Development and Tourism in Annapurna

Nature lovers travel from all over the world to enjoy the natural beauty of Nepal. Some come to conquer one or more of Nepal's famous mountain peaks, while others delight in the tranquility of trekking in unspoiled territory, ... read more

New Hydro Power Plant for Nepal

The long-awaited Upper Karnali Hydro Power project was recently approved by the Investment Board of Nepal and the cabinet of the Government of Nepal, giving the go-ahead to the Bangalore-based GMR Group which was awarded the c... read more

Peak Named in Honor of the 'Keeper of the Mountains'

The documentary film The Keeper of the Mountains tells the story of US-born journalist Elizabeth Hawley who settled in Kathmandu in 1960 and in the years since has recorded details of more than 80,000 climbs in the mountainous... read more

Bengal Florican Conservation in Nepal

Bird Conservation Nepal has identified 27 locations as Important Bird Areas in Nepal, with a further five areas having the potential for being added to this list for special conservation attention. Working with local governmen... read more

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