Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery

The Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery is located in Kathmandu, on the grounds of the Bhrikutimandap Exhibition. It was founded in 1985 and consists of the collaboration of art pieces created by both painters and sculptors. Visitors will be able to view the masterpieces that were created by the hands of well-known artists and explore the work that will create the talented artists of tomorrow.

As with many of the art galleries in Nepal, the Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery tries to promote local Nepali art, and develop contemporary art as a part of the country’s culture. Curious local residents or tourists will be able to meet the various artists and discuss their art style. Not many art galleries in Nepal offer visitors the chance to improve and explore their own creative skills. The Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery offers art classes in the adjacent building, where the artists have established a college to promote the talents of upcoming artists and offer assistance and advice to those who are just interested in art as a hobby.

When looking for fascinating and exciting contemporary art galleries in Nepal, visitors will find that the Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery comes highly recommended. It has a permanent exhibition of established and new artists, but also hosts a wide variety of temporary exhibits. The temporary exhibits change regularly and therefore always has something new to display. These temporary exhibits have also assisted many new artists to be seen and start very successful careers. In 2002, as part of a promotion campaign, the gallery hosted an art sale. The art on display ranged from works of art done in oil, water, pen, acrylic and etchings. Landscapes, contemporary and abstract art was available. Any from of art you can think of was on sale. It was an opportunity for the artists to receive great exposure, and the public to buy and own a magnificent piece of art. To make the sale accessible to all members of the public, prices of the art were not allowed to exceed the maximum price limit, which was determined by the organizers.

Many artists have displayed their art the Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery, one of the most popular contemporary art galleries in Nepal. These exhibitions included work by Yusuf Arakkal in 1994, The Two Men Exhibition in 1993 by Batsa Gopal Vaidya and the Human Happiness exhibition by Sarita Dongol in 1992. Rukmani Dhital had the opportunity to host her very first solo exhibition at the gallery. The gallery does not only bring exposure to art, but hope to the artist who dream of their work hanging on the walls of a collector.


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Page 1 of 1 Team - 2011-06-27 09:06:15

Thank you for your interest in We are an independent site offering a variety of topics on Nepal. You need to contact the gallery directly with your enquiry. It is located in the Bhrikuti Mandap Exhibition Hall in Tundikhel. Best wishes, Team

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rezaun nabi - 2011-06-26 17:41:04

we the group of artists from Bangladesh intrested to exhibit paintings in your gallery.Wants to keep contact to the authority.Already we exhibited in Islamabad,Kolkata and in Dhaka. Thanks Regards Rezaun Nabi Bangladesh

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sushant - 2010-07-05 16:37:44

where is this gallery located? i couldn't locate it in the Bhrikutimandap. which side of the ground is it located?

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