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Canyoning in Nepal

Adventure can be found around every corner in Nepal and one extreme sport that is growing in popularity is that of canyoning (or canyoneering). Stunning mountains, rugged hills, gushing rivers and canyons cutting their way through the landscape are what make Nepal an ideal destination for adrenalin junkies.

So what is Canyoning? Basically it is an adventure sport that requires individuals to travel through canyons using various techniques, which can include hiking, swimming, abseiling, rock climbing, scrambling, jumping, rappelling and boulder hopping. It is a sport that requires some technical skills such as the use of ropes and other equipment, as well as stream navigation and safety preparedness. As canyoning has gained a greater footing in Nepal, the number of companies offering canyoning adventures has grown. Trained guides will assist you as you take on the challenging terrain and there are a number of packages available to those interested in this thrilling experience.

Amongst the canyoning hotspots in Nepal is Bhotekoshi Valley. This is a stunning destination, situated a three hour drive from Thamel in Kathmandu. Several tributaries join up to the Bhotekoshi and there are numerous canyoning routes here. The canyons are as follows:
Jombo Khola: Grade V2.A1 I, Time approximately 3 hours
Handi Khola: Grade V2.A1 I, Time approximately 4 hours
Galung Khola: Grade V2.A2 II, Time approximately 6 hours
Kabre Khola: Grade V2.A2 II, Time approximately 3 hrs 45 minutes
Fanfung Khola: Grade V2.A3. III, Time approximately 6 hrs 30 minutes

Another destination with a great selection of canyons is the Marshyandi Valley in the Annapurna region. Below is a breakdown of the various routes:
Bul Bule Khola: Grade V3.A1 I, Time approximately 2 hours
Raindu Khola: Grade V4.A3 II, Time approximately 3 hours 45 minutes
Kabindra Khola: Grade V2.A1 I, Time approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
Sansapu Khola: Grade V4.A3 II, Time approximately 7 hours 30 minutes
Chipla Khola: Grade V5.A4 IV, Time approximately 6 hours 30 minutes
Gopte Khola: Grade V2.A1 I, Time approximately 6 hours 30 minutes
Syange Khola: Grade V6.A3 III, Time approximately 7 hours
Jagat Khola: Grade V6.A5 IV, Time approximately 9 hours 30 minutes
Tal Khola: Grade V4.A4 IV, Time approximately 5 hours

Other areas where canyoning can be enjoyed are Sundarijal, Panglang Khola, Kanglang Khola and Bhukuthe Khola. So why not make your journey to Nepal the trip of a lifetime by booking yourself on a canyoning excursion.


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pradeepsingh - 2010-11-30 08:20:08

gods own country [nepal]

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bhuwan - 2010-11-06 08:04:19

nepal is very beautiful contry

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sudip - 2010-09-07 04:29:43

i like this

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