Daman - the town of views

Not many people realize that just a few miles outside of Kathmandu lies a beautiful village named Daman. As with most destinations in Nepal, it is located in a region that is surrounded with natural splendor and characteristics that are unique to the village. This secluded village does not have much to offer in regard to late night restaurants, cafés and nightlife, but opens a gateway to the world of nature and breathtaking landscapes.

Mountain bikers and hikers will thoroughly enjoy the trails and walks that are located around the village. Some can be strenuous, as Daman is located at a height of 2 320 meters, but the challenge is worth the effort. In spring, the rhododendron forest comes alive with color and forest animals and is a very fascinating part of the Daman area to explore. Panoramas from the viewing tower or hill station can be enjoyed with the naked eye, or through the mounted telescope. From this sightseeing point visitors will be able to look upon the unchallenged beauty of the Himalayas. The most well-known peaks and hiking destinations in Nepal can be seen from here. They include Phurbi Chyachu, Choba Bhamre, Annapurna and Mount Everest. Around the tower, visitors will be mesmerized by the abundant variety of flowers and wild orchids that decorate the dense forests.

Another attraction in Daman is the Tibetan Buddhist monastery that is approximately a thirty-minute leisurely walk away from the village. The Indra Sarobor and Rishikeshwor Mahadev Temple are also extremely interesting sights to visit. Most of the attractions and sights can only be reached on foot, and visitors are recommended to pack comfortable walking shoes, while staying in Daman.

The cultural lifestyle that is practiced by villagers, the panoramic views and the diverse natural wildlife that is located here offers a truly amazing adventure to embark on. Here, visitors will find the seclusion, tranquility and quiet that is so hard to find in many tourist destinations in Nepal. Instead of nightclubs and throbbing music, Daman has the lull of the forests and peaceful song of the nocturnal animals, with majestic sunsets and unforgettable moments of beauty.


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