India & International Premier Schools Exhibition 2010 - Kathmandu District, Kathmandu

Expos - Kathmandu District - Kathmandu

When: 10h00, Saturday, 09 January 2010
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Where: Everest Hotel, Kathmandu, Kathmandu District


As the sixth edition of this successful expo, the India & International Premier Schools Exhibition will take place on 8-9 January 2010, providing a platform for exhibitors to promote their products and services to a range of decision makers and end-users in the educationi field.

Exhibitors will include education non-governmental organisations (NGO); education councils; IT training providers; educational institutions such as colleges, schools and universities; student finance services; recruitment consultants; distance and e-learning specialists. Visitors who will benefit from the expo includes anyone who has a serious interest in education, either as a student, or a service and product provider.


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