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US foreign aid cuts: what could impact be?

When President Donald Trump?s budget director, Mick Mulvaney, presented the outlines of the new US administration?s first budget last month, he made no bones about its purpose. ?This is a hard power budget. It is not a soft power budget,? he told reporters, referring to Mr. Trump?s preference for military firepower over the influence he might wield through development aid.

Google activates company's first servers in Cuba

On Thursday, Google activated a line of caching servers in Cuba, becoming the first foreign company with the ability to provide online contentin the country. The new servers will help speed up internet access for the small percentage of Cuba's population that are internet users, and could lay a groundwork for future web expansion in the isolated nation. Cuba has had some form of internet access since the 1990s, but the use of the internet is heavily restricted in the country.

John Kasich raises 'taking out' top North Korean leaders

With that bold assertion, Gov. John Kasich (R) of Ohio raised a controversial argument for American action aimed at neutralizing the North Korean nuclear threat. ?An ability to remove a number of the top people, and have a more benign leadership there that understands what?s at risk, I think is perhaps doable,? Governor Kasich told reporters Friday at a breakfast hosted by The Christian Science Monitor. Kasich ? the final competitor against Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 ? has not fully closed the door to running again in 2020, one more reason thathis views on policy command an audience.

Diner tour: Appalachian voters talk pickles and politics

At the popular local eateries the Monitor visited, the fare ranged from smoky brisket and ?frickles? (fried pickles) to fresh blueberry muffins and raspberry hot chocolate. By 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning, Wilma Eldridge has already made 27 pies. ?It?s regular home cooking,? says Ms. Eldridge, in her small wood-paneled dining area.

Combine Flights?