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Readers write: The value of ?puttering? and people-to-people diplomacy

Thank you for the heartwarming Oct. 22 People Making a Difference article about Sharon Tennison?s dedicated work to advance peaceful cooperation between Russia and the United States. The then-President Mikhail Gorbachev had recently declared perestroika and glasnost in Russia.

Unregulated hate speech on the internet leads to violence, War in Yemen must end, but finding peace will be hard, Iran?s blasphemy law has become entrenched, US sanctions will create problems for Iran, After Merkel, German politics may lean conservative

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A legal takedown of genocide

Despite a four-decade delay in justice, a United Nations-backed court established on Friday that the Khmer Rouge had indeed committed genocide in Cambodia during its reign. The two most senior and surviving leaders of the radical group, Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan, were convicted of the most heinous of crimes ? the killing of innocent minority groups en mass in the late 1970s. The verdict may further assist Cambodians in coming to terms with their ?killing field? past.

Democrats? reliance on seniority clashes with enthusiasm for fresh faces

Rep. Diana DeGette, Democrat from Colorado, is done with waiting. For ?probably? 12 years, she says, she?s aspired to one of the top three jobs in the Democratic leadership. Now that Democrats have won the majority in the House, Congresswoman DeGette is making her move ? challenging a powerful member of the troika for the No. 3 slot, the ?whip,? or chief vote counter.

Combine Flights?