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Warming waters hurt Zanzibar's seaweed. But women farmers have a plan.

?Seaweed farming in our area is only done by women,? says Mwanaisha Makame, a 20-year veteran of the business, as warm little waves lap at her long, flower-print skirt. Ms. Makame?s family didn?t have money for higher education when she was young, so she went to the ocean to farm. Seaweed farming has enabled thousands of Zanzibari women to earn cash and climb social ladders.

With compassionate outreach, a city cuts its drug overdose rate in half

Jim Ward and his girlfriend were awash in cash thanks to their regular trips down south, where they would buy thousands of prescription opioid pills from unscrupulous doctors and sell them back home in West Virginia for $220 apiece.

Trump?s ?diplomatic vandalism? on the Iran nuclear deal, Trump?s nuclear deal move hurts America?s reputation, Putin?s pushy foreign policy may not be strategically beneficial, Why Elon Musk blew up at an analyst, Timely theme for World Press Freedom Day

?Donald Trump?s torpedoing of the Iran nuclear deal on highly specious and misleading grounds is an act of wanton diplomatic vandalism fraught with dangers...,? writes Simon Tisdall. ?Many in Tehran will see the sweeping reimposition of US sanctions as a declaration of war.... This aggressive bid to further isolate Iran appears designed to ultimately enforce regime change.

Readers write: Celebrating workers, the hearts of parents, libraries in danger, direction for White House

The Feb. 26 Home Forum essay, ?Why I?m so grateful to Steve,? is excellent! I work with guys like Steve, and they need to be celebrated! They do hard, gross work that no one else wants to do or understands how to do. Recommended: Could you pass a US citizenship test? In his March 5 Home Forum essay, ?An unquiet realization about libraries,? writer Christopher Andreae refers to the fact that some public libraries in Scotland are threatened with closure.

Combine Flights?