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Sweden?s elections need in-depth reporting abroad, ICC investigations should affect all countries equally, North Korea reaps benefits of American diplomacy, China sees a steppingstone to Afghanistan through Pakistan, Naomi Osaka shines despite controversy

?The rise of the Sweden Democrats ? and the obvious parallels to Trump, Le Pen and Brexit ? means the attention focused on Sweden is out of all proportion to the country?s size...,? writes James Savage.

Kavanaugh hearings: Does panel need 'protocol' for sexual assault allegations?

Republicans and Democrats can agree on at least this much regarding the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court: It?s a mess. Republicans complain of Democrats? 11th-hour leaking of a bombshell development and of delay tactics. Democrats complain of Republicans railroading their nominee and of unfair treatment of Prof. Christine Blasey Ford.

Green light for reform of UN?s blue helmets

World leaders, including President Trump, gather at the United Nations next week to tackle a host of issues. Many involve nonstate militants with little respect for the lives of UN soldiers or civilians. The big powers, too, disagree more often on when peacekeepers are needed or add too many mandates to a mission.

In struggle over Ukrainian Orthodox communion, a political hornet?s nest

For decades, Orthodox leaders have been at odds over where the loyalties of clergy in Ukraine should lie: in Moscow, or within Ukraine?s own borders. While deeply meaningful to religious authorities, it is the sort of complicated detail that ordinarily would be of interest to few outside Orthodox circles. Encouraged by the government in Kiev, Orthodox leaders in Ukraine are attempting to create a national church by severing the ties of many Ukrainian Orthodox churches to their traditional spiritual headquarters in Moscow.

Combine Flights?