The Striking Gorkha Royal Palace

It was said, that if anyone was seeking justice, no ruler was as fair and just as the King of Gorkha. The Gorkha kingdom was established in the year 1560, by the legendary King Drabya Shah. From the year 1604 to 1641, the Shah dynasty would become famous and rule over Gorkha. Today, the reminders of this era stand proudly in the form of the Gorkha Royal Palace, the Gorkha Bazaar and Gorkha Durbar.

The Gorkha Royal Palace was the birthplace of Prithvi Naraya, who was born in the central palace named Dhuni Pari. Prithvi Narayan Shah is known for gathering his Gorkha soldiers and battling to unify all of Nepal by taking control of the Kathmandu. After his amazing victory, in the 18th century, Kathmandu became the capital of Nepal.

To tell someone that the Gorkha Palace is located in the east side of the Gorkha Durbar would be deceiving. Most visitors are more than awestruck when they look up at the palace on the hill and the approximately one thousand seven hundred steps that lies between them and palace. The climb to the Gorkha Palace might be challenging, but the view is rewarding and the way down is a lot easier. Most of the palace remains the same as in the days of Ram Shah, but kings and rulers that followed did make a few minor changes during their reigns. Restoration work to this beautiful sight in Nepal has kept the palace in excellent condition, and although it is not always open to visitors, especially not the second floor, much can be seen through the latticed windows. The architectural style of the palace is known as Newari-style, and when peering through the windows visitors will be able to see the throne of Prithvi Narayan. Also visible is the “eternal flame” that has been burning for many years, as it was lit straight after the uniting of Nepal, at the hands of Prithvi Narayan. The detailed woodwork and spectacular carvings make the Gorkha Palace a treasured piece of history and a popular sight in Nepal.

On clear days or early mornings, the view from the palace is just short of a visual miracle of nature. The panoramic views of the rolling green landscapes, snow capped Himalayas and the town below is spectacular. From this vantage point visitors will be able to see the Goddess Gorakhkali Temple, the Himalchuli Mountain, Manaslu Mountain, Annapurna and Ganesh. It is a view and a moment in time that visitors are unlikely to forget.


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monzu gurung - 2010-11-14 10:05:14

i have never been to gorkha though my hometown is gorkha. i am just wondering about barpak. so could u plzzzz give me some information about about barpak? i will be waiting for your answerrr

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