The Mysterious Mahendra Cave

Visiting a cave when on vacation might sound like a strange attraction, but the Mahendra Cave is one of the sights in Nepal that has more to offer than expected. Located near the city of Pokhara, the cave and surrounding sights are worth the trip. The Mahendra Cave, the Davis Falls and Gupteshwar Mahadev are in close proximity to each other and visitors will be able to explore all the attractions of this area.

In the year 1950, young shepherds stumbled across the Mahendra Cave that was named in honor of King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. Locals refer to the cave as the House of Bats (Chamero Odaar) due to this shy species of wildlife that call the cave home. Generally, the Mahendra and other caves in the region are explored with flashlights, but more recently lights have been installed into the cave. The lights have caused great concern amongst conservationists, as some of the bat species that inhabit the caves are very rare. Since the installation, the sightings of bats have declined as the lights clearly disturb the bats, forcing them to relocate. The lack of supervision when tourists and visitors enter the caves is also very disturbing as the constant noise and movement of humans is very stressful to the bats.

Over and above being famed for housing bats, the Mahendra Cave is a natural cave that is made from limestone. The entire cave is decorated in spectacular stalagmites and stalactites that shine and glimmer when light is shone on them. Walking through the cave, armed only with a flashlight, is definitely more rewarding than when the cave is lit with artificial light. The stone that is dripping from the roof and covering the cave floor comes alive under the beams of the flashlights and increases the excitement of this dark adventure.

As one of the darker sights in Nepal, the Mahendra Cave gives visitors the opportunity to embark on an adventure. There is still much of the cave that has not been explored and gives the cave an atmosphere of awe, when thinking of the mysterious, unknown territory that no man has yet been privileged to see.


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