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Nepal Lijkverbranding
Film Yvette
Tags: Nepal


Planet Bhaktapur Nepal
Al Planet Bhaktapur il Nepal Gira intorno a Te. Namaste ! Francesco.
Tags: Nepal, Bhaktapur


Golden Temple(Hiranya Varna Mahavihar) 尼泊爾8日 day 5
This beautiful and tranquil temple in Nepal is an unusual Buddhist monastery known commonly as Hiranya Varna Mahabihar, Kwa Bahal or Suvarna Mahavihara and is situated north of Durbar Square. Legend has it that the Golden Temple was founded during the 12th Century. Patan's Golden Temple simple from the outside and majestic from the inside, with stone gates produced by the silakars whose descendants can still be seen working in the woodcarving industry. ... travel Nepal Patan ...
Tags: travel, Nepal, Patan


nepla ko yatra ..the gosaikunda....the remix of nepal ..experience nepal ko nature
its the nature of nepal ....gosaikunda yatra of uttam ...revised by ankit kc.....
Tags: nepal, ko, yatra


Scary takeoff - Lukla, Nepal
World's most scary takeoff - Lukla
Tags: nepal, lukla

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