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ALLAHU AKBAR! Yes it's miracle of "ALLAH". Happend in Nepal. Govt didnt allowed the crane for Mosque minar and said that `go and ask your ALLAH to help you. Allah helps muslim by putting gunbad on menar without any support, since, non muslims dont allow muslims to use crane to lift gunbad, so the imam of mosque saw our beloved prophet pbuh in dream who told him just cover the gunbad with white bed sheet and then see. Believe or not I do not care, but I believe this because I believe in the true God Allah. Plz dont write hate comments thanks.


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Monitul Islam - 2010-09-23 17:34:18

I am a Muslim. But I think this VDO is not the help of Allah. Muslim should not believe this VDO. Believe in Allah and Que-ran. Que-ran is the best Miracle of Islam. Muslim no need any Miracle

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