Miss UK Nepal 2011, Gaumaya Gurung (Talent Round)

Miss. Gaumaya Gurung Contestant No. 5 Events And Ideas Production Presents Miss UK Nepal 2011 Final Events : Princess Hall, Aldershot, UK Time : 17:00 - 00:00 From : Gaumaya Gurung. It would be great, if CNN Heroes award could end trafficking in Nepal forever. But the truth is even now, our sisters are being tricked and sold overseas and inside the country as well. The purpose of our drama was to send that very message to you all. We all need to come in hand to hand, do our bit to end this crime. The power is in us, not just the titles we earn. Characters: Nana Angel as brothel lady , Samikchha Gurung as trafficker, Kkg Sansar as the victim.


Tags: Miss, UK, Nepal, 2011, Nepali, Community, Beauty, Pageant


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