Nepal China Border |nepal need to open border with china|

Video of Nepal-China Border. For over 200+ years, Nepal has open border with its southern neighbor India but has closed border with its northern neighbor Tibet, China. But today with the formation of Democratic Republic of Nepal from Hindu Monarchy, Nepal need to be transparent and open its border with China. Having open Nepal-China border will help Nepal. Historical Background of Nepal Open Border with China ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During the rule of the Kirat (800 BCE - 330 CE), Nepal had open border with China. Nepal made considerable progress in the field of art and architecture, trade and commerce during this period. The Kiratis were not only good warriors but also good administrators. Men and women were treated equally. Criminals were given severe punishment. For the administration of justice, law-courts were established at several places-Kuther, Shuli, Lingual, Mapchok, etc. Trade and commerce flourished under the Kiratas. Nepal had trade relations with Tibet, China and India. The exports of Nepal mainly consisted of wool, woolen goods, wood and herbs. Kautilya, in his 'Arthasastra', says that Nepali woolen blankets were very popular in the market of Magadha (Bihar in modern India).



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