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Everest Flight - Flight Connection [02:54]
About Mountain Flight: Mountain Flight (aka Everest Experience) is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Nepal. It is the best option for you to get spectacular close-up view of the highest peak in the world - the Mount Everest. In an hour long flight, you will enjoy Goaithan (8013m), Dorje Lakpa (6966m), Gauri Shanker (7134m), Melungtsee (7013m), Chugimago (6297m), Karyolung (6511m), Gyachungkang (7952m), Pumori (7161m), Nuptse (7855m) and finally the one that is as high as eight thousand eight hundred and fourty-eight meters, amazes all of us, an is known as Sagarmatha by Nepalese, Chomolungma by Tibetan and Mount Everest by the rest of the world. Mountain flight service is offered by four major airlines of Nepal- Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, Agni Air and Guna Airlines on a regular basis. For more information including flight schedules and fare rates please visit Video Source Buddha Air Editor: Bipin Tripathi
Tags: mountain flight in nepal, mount, everest experience, top of the world, connection, intl, fare, schedule, travel, asia, kathmandu, buddha air, yetiairlines, guna, agni, bipin tripathi, machha, machha08, merolab, spectacular, view himalayas, sagarmatha

Daman Nepal(Lonely Planet) [01:42]
This marvelous video was taken on 15th/Oct./2011 around 8 am.from Daman Himalaya View Tower.The lower valley of Daman was covered by cloud and in the background the Mountains scene was awesome..This kind of view can be seen once in a year in winter season.That moment was incredible...For more information search "Daman Nepal" or on facebook.
Tags: Daman, Nepal(Lonely, Planet)

Meet the Chobhar Kids! [02:42]
These are the kids from the Chobhar village in Nepal. The rest of the information is actually in the video. Enjoy!
Tags: meet, the, chobhar, kids, enjoy, nepal, wcoll, uvolunteer, quest, buddhist, whats, time, mr, wolf, ben, 10, temple, dartoknowstoomuch, warrnambool

Talk Biotech on Wednesdays (Episode 2: With Dr. Sameer Mani Dixit) [01:25:55]
The second episode of "Talk Biotech on Wednesdays" was held on February 29, 2012 at Martin Chautari, Thapathali. The Guest Speaker for this episode was Dr. Sameer Mani Dixit. Dr. Dixit is the country director at Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN) and the founder member of Nepal Biotechnology Association (NBA). He is actively involved in various public health and biomedical research in Nepal. He is also one of the promoters for the National Biotechnology Center, the Government of Nepal is planning to establish. "Talk Biotech on Wednesdays" is a monthly open discussion session that will cover various topics related to Biotechnology: Current Status in Nepal, Developments and Future Plans. Also, the program aims to bring the students, scientific and research community and interested people together for regular discussions so that everybody gets a common ground of information on biotechnology.The guest speakers are people actively involved in various biotechnological fields in Nepal, motivating personalities with various backgrounds - Academicians, Researchers, Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, etc. The speaker's talk will be followed by discussions - questions from the public and answers from the speaker. "Talk Biotech on Wednesdays" is organized by "Team Up and Talk About Biotechnology" ( a youth forum formed based on the thoughts conceived by the team of Ganesh Shah, Sameer Mani Dixit, Prajwal Rajbhandari, Aagat Awasthi, Manisha Bista, Ramesh Parajuli ...
Tags: talk, biotech, on, wednesdays, Sameer, mani, dixit, medical, biotechnology, public, health, biomedical, research, nepal, talkbiotech, martin, chautari

Visual Information Way to Big Buddha 29 Dec 2011 by Manoj Rana Butwal Lumbini Nepal Phuket Thailand [00:40]
Visual Information Way to Big Buddha 29 Dec 2011 by Manoj Rana Butwal Lumbini Nepal Phuket Thailand
Tags: Visual, Information, Way, to, Big, Buddha, 29, Dec, 2011, by, Manoj, Rana, Butwal, Lumbini, Nepal, Phuket, Thailand

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