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Global Village Team Nepal - Building with Bamboo & Team Interviews.flv [19:53]
Ever wondered what it's like to build a simple decent affordable house out of bamboo? Wonder no more! These Habitat for Humanity Global Village volunteers are eager to tell you all about it. Take a look at this video shot on location in Nepal in the Leknath community just outside of Pokhara in September and October, 2012. Habitat's Global Village program provides an opportunity for volunteers to partner with people around the world to help build adequate shelter. Habitat homeowners must pay for their homes and must contribute their labor or "sweat equity" in order to qualify for the program. Global Village is a richly rewarding team building experience. Take it from these team members!

The Everest Podcast - Episode 18: "Kicking Back with the Sherpa" [11:58]
Join Erick as he broadcasts "live" from his trek to Advanced Base Camp 3 of Mount Everest. This video is built around an audio podcast Erick recorded each day along his journey from Kathmandu, Nepal, through Tibet, and then along the Mount Everest North Col, as he ascended the mountain's North Face. The photos you see were taken by Erick during the trek. In this episode: Erick interviews his sherpa and asks him some hard questions... like what the dating scene in Kathmandu is like.
Tags: mount, everest, mountains, nepal, tibet, trekking, adventure, mountain, climbing, hiking, travel, visiglow, himalaya, himalayan, sherpa, base, camp, trek, shangri, la, Mount Everest (Mountain), Sherpa People (Ethnicity), China

Episode 003: Kathmandu, Part 2 [23:50]
Om Mani Padme Hum. Major finally arrives and the Everest expedition continues. We check out the largest Stupa in Nepal: Boudhanath. I can't get over how amazing this place is. I just want to spend the day walking around and around the central spire (in a clockwise direction as is the custom) and stare up at the Eyes of Buddha. There's a sort of New Age rendition of "om mani padme hum" piped in on the loudspeakers that you can't escape and can't get out of your head when you leave. It's beautiful, but touristy, and I buy a CD of it anyway. The following day we set out early for a scenic flight along the Himalayas. It's a clear day and we get a very good view of Everest from the plane. The mountain is easy to's the tallest one in sight. As the plane flies over the Kathmandu Valley I catch a glimpse of a familiar place. It's Boudhanath Stupa in all of it's architectural glory. I bet that if the plane wasn't so loud we could probably hear the New Age music playing. When we return to the hotel from the flight, we meet up with Elizabeth Hawley. She's the author of the Himalayan Database and interviews someone from every expedition to the Himalayas. She may not be well known outside of the climbing world, but here in Kathmandu she's an institution. Ms. Hawley has been documenting climbs for over 40 years even though she's never climbed one herself. That evening I try to play my new CD and discover that it's blank! No matter, I still can't get the song out of my head ...
Tags: Everest, the, other, side, Mt., Mount, Mountains, Mountaineering, climbing, expedition, camping, hiking, backpacking, adventure, outdoors, travel, Nepal, Kathmandu, Katmandhu, Tibet, Sherpa, Monk, yak, Buddhism, Hinduism, Spirituality, documentary, film,

Ski The Himalayas Season 1, Episode 1 [14:17]
Ben Clark, Jon Miller and Josh Butson travel through Hong Kong, Kathmandu and into the remote village of Tumlingtar in Nepal. Clark interviews the group and locals developing a look at modern day Nepal and the "last town with an airport" as the team begins the 17 day approach to 23390' Baruntse.
Tags: hindu, everest, khatmandu, mustang, pokhara, chitwan, jumla, helambu, sports, langtang, mugu, nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk, buddhist, buddhism, skiing, nepal, temple, altitude, meditation, mountaineering, climbing, trekking, extreme, hiking, osprey, episode, s

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