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Hart van Nederland - 8 juni 2008.mpeg [02:40]
De 40-jarige Herman Kristen uit Alkmaar is de eerste Nederlander die op het topje van de Lhotse (8516m) berg in Nepal heeft gestaan. De berg ligt pal naast de Mount Everest (8848m) en de top ligt zo'n 300 meter lager, maar hij doet er qua moeilijkheidsgraad zeker niet voor onder. Een knappe prestatie dus van deze Nederlander.
Tags: Lhotse, hvn, juni, 2008, 8516m, expeditie, Everest, Nepal, beklimming, Khumbu, icefall, western, cwm, geneva, spur, yellow, band, face, couloir, klimschema, 8000m, achtduizender, basiskamp, Namche, Bazar, Kala, Patar, South, Col, Mount, Mountain, Climbing

Lukla Airport ... Gateway to Everest [01:15]
Tenzing-Hillary Airport, also known as Luka Airport is the gateway to the Everest region, Solukhumbu, Nepal. Gateway to Everest, the world's highest mountain and many other Himalayas was rates featured in a program titled Most Extreme Airports broadcasted in The History Channel in 2010. The airport is where you start your once in a life time trek to Everest Base Camp or many more climbs to follow. The airport is located at an elevation of 9100 feet (2800m) with a single runway of 1500 feet (460m) with a gradient of 12%. The airport's paved asphalt runway is only accessible to helicopters and small, fixed-wing-takeoff-and-landing aircrafts.
Tags: Nepal, Everest, Mt. Everest, Airport, Mount Everest (Mountain), Mountains, Sagarmatha, Tenzing Hillary Airport, STOL Airport, STOL landing, Amazing Airports, Amazing Landings, Extreme Airports, Dangerous Airports, Dangerous Landing, Airplane

Most Dangerous Airport in the World - Lukla [00:52]
Tenzing-Hillary Airport, also known as Lukla Airport, is a small airport in the town of Lukla in Khumbu, Solukhumbu district, Sagarmatha zone, eastern Nepal. The airport is rated as one of the most dangerous airports in the world as it has a very dramatic cliff at the end of the runway. This video was taken in March 2010, during a trek to Everest Base Camp.
Tags: nepal, asia, mountain, air, plane, worst airport, danger, lukla, airport, world, travel

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