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Cycling Tibet Part3-Episode 56 [03:17]
I met 2 English guys in Kathmandu who told me it was possible to cycle across Tibet if one was willing to bend a few rules. In this episode there are more passes and then finally some serious downhill rides out of Tibet and into Nepal.Distributed by
Tags: Tibet, Nepal, cycling, Lhasa, riding, dirttreks, Livio, adventure, travel, 3minuteadventures, realworldadventures

Kathmandu- Lhasa Overland tour 17days. [04:01]
Pem Dorjee Sherpa, two-time Mt. Everest summiter, will lead this 17-day trip. The ancient capital cities of Kathmandu and Lhasa allow you to learn about Buddhist and Hindu culture and the lifestyles and traditions of the people of Nepal and Tibet. The trip starts with a few days in Kathmandu visiting Buddhist and Hindu temples and wandering the narrow, cobblestone streets and markets of the three ancient kingdoms that fill the Kathmandu Valley. Next you will fly over the Himalayas to Lhasa, Tibet. In Lhasa you will explore the enormous Potala Palace, once the home of the Dalai Lama and the former Tibetan government. You will visit several monasteries and temples as well as the Norbulingka, the Dalai Lama's Summer Palace and the bustling Barkhor Square. A local Tibetan guide will join the tour to offer an expert perspective. Next, leaving Lhasa in a 4WD land cruiser, you will be chauffeured across the Tibetan Plateau back to Nepal. On the way, picturesque Tibetan settlements can be seen and the occasional nomadic herdsmen may be wandering across the dry open landscape. The journey will take you across several high mountain passes with views of the majestic Mount Everest, Cho Oyu, and Makalu (the fifth tallest mountain in the world). Along the way you will visit historic cities and several ancient monasteries, forts and citadels, as well as Everest base camp on the Tibet side. Finally you leave Zhangmu and cross the Friendship Bridge, entering back into Nepal. For more ...
Tags: Tibet tour, Potala Palace, Dalai Lama, Nepal, Overland tour, Everest Base Camp, Tibet, Lhasa tour, Kathmandu tour

Nepal & Tibet 2010 [22:29]
2010 trip to Nepal and Tibet with Brenda Adams and Leo Hennessy. Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokara, Lukla, Everest Base Camp, Lhasa.
Tags: Nepal, Tibet, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokara, Lukla, Everest Base Camp, Lhasa, yak, Kumbu, Brenda Adams, Leo Hennessy

Autumn In Himalaya [06:20]
Some photographs from last year's trip to Nepal and Tibet in October, with the wonderful music piece by Marc Teichert, titled Colors of the orchestra, found at Jamendo.
Tags: himalaya, mountains, nepal, china, tibet, everest, dhaulagiri, annapurna, kaktmandu, lhasa, music, colors, orchestra, marc teichert, teichert, jamendo, proshow, Himalayas (Mountain Range), Slideshow

Nepal - Tibet Tour ( नेपाल - तिब्बत यात्रा ) [09:27]
Kathmandu has often been by some as a flawless jewel in a unique setting. No other place in the world has the concentration of culture, art and tradition that exists in the Kathmandu valley (1300m.). Kathmandu is the crossroads for the many ethnic groups of Nepal and for visitors from all over the world every year. Nestled in the central hills of Nepal, Kathmandu is at once medieval and modern. The Kathmandu valley sprawls at the junction of two sacred rivers, Bagmati and Bishnumati. Just cross the Bagmati River to the south is Patan, on ancient city of temples, while Bhadgoon with its thousands of homes and temples shrines lies six miles to the east. More then two hundred years ago these three cities housed the Royal places of three different kingdoms that divided the valley palaces surviving today. Welcome to TIBET - a land so rich in culture tradition and steeped in religion along the far flung unique landscape, aptly called the Roof of the World. Let the age old Tibetan mysteries cast an enchanted spell that holds a visitor in thrill and excitement. The first part of the Tibet tour offers fascinating views of the incredible formation of the highest plateau of the world with awesomely beautiful rocks, cascades and canyons slightly hidden in the thin flying mists amidst the mighty presence of Mt. Everest (8848m), Shishapagma (8035m) and the 2nd part of Tibet Tour brings you so close to the Shangri-La of TIBET making you feel yourself as being part of a unique culture, a ...
Tags: Nepal - Tibet tour, Lhasa, Tour, Nepal Tour, Tibet, Kathmandu, Potala, Palace, China, Fly, to, Visit, Nepal, World, Dalai, Lama

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