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Nepalese contrasts / PALETTE [04:20]
Moving pictures from Nepal Pohyblivé obrázky z Nepálu

Malla Sisters Nepalese Guides [10:44]
Dear Fellow Adventurers We are both intrepid world travelers always looking for unique experiences to share with a global audience. We have outgoing personalities and fluency in several languages, which helps us quickly develop trust with local people. We hope to inspire travelers of all ages to expand their geographic and cultural boundaries. We have travelled off the beaten path in more than 60 countries. Our recent trip to Nepal exceeded all our expectations! Why? Because we had the absolute good fortune to meet the Malla sisters in Pokhara. The Malla Dynasty ruled Nepal from the 12th to 16th centuries. At that time the name Malla indicated a person of great strength and power! In many ways the Malla period of rule in Nepal was much like the Italian Renaissance ... Just visit Pagan and walk amongst the many temples to understand that. Much like the extraordinary temples in Pagan the Malla sisters themselves are a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered -- and to our everlasting pleasure we discovered them in Pokhara. Over a two week period we trekked in the Himalayas, biked in Pokhara, visited Para Gliding sites including the unbelievable para hawking experience with Steve & Anita Mason, boated and hiked around Lake Begnas, took in the best museums in Pokhara.... all under the guidance and loving care of the Malla sisters .... Hira & Bishnu! They are both not only competent ... but incredibly fun to be with! This video is dedicated to them. They made our experience in ...

Nepal : Poon Hill Trek - Nepalese Moonshine [14:58]
This is a re-upload of Moonshine and the Spliff video. I wasn't happy with the first one so I re-edited it and included the the final pieces of footage taken in Hille on Day 2 of the Poon Hill trek. Local Nepalese wine is made from a special kind of plant. They use the fermented leaves that are stored in barrels and use a home made distillery similar to moonshine operations in the US and other countries. I forgot what the name of the plant was but the leaves are actually quite tasty. The wine itself has an extremely high alcohol content and tastes like you are drinking motor oil, it is an acquired taste in my opinion.

7 days retreat with nepali shamans (tamang jankhri) [10:37]
Dupuis, J. (2011, Janvier-Février). Initiation au Chamanisme Himalayen. Exposé & court-métrage présentés au Séminaire d'ethnopsychiatrie, Centre Chapelle-aux-champs, SSM : Département adultes, Faculté de médecine, Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Bruxelles Dupuis, J. (2009, Avril). Himalayan shamanism: A nepalese jungle retreat. Court-métrage commenté en live & présenté au 2ième Colloque International organisé par l'Association pour la Recherche Transdisciplinaire sur les Hallucinations et autres Etats Modifiés de Conscience dans la Philosophie et les Sciences Cognitives (ARTHEMOC), Paris This was a 7 days retreat with nepali (tamang) shamans including 2 of my gurus. During this week, we barely slept because night was totally dedicated to practice (prayer, dancing, singing, etc.). Day time, villagers came for blessings and guidance. It is at that time, that I started to understand what "seeing" meant after a 2 years stay in Nepal. Exhaustion did not allow for any more rational-linear thinking but because of the sacred set and setting, bursts of spiritual understanding ("right brain w-holy systemic glimpses") could naturally come through. These traditions are still connected to the roots of Earth and Sky. The Big Bang is actualised through the trance itself for Creation is an ever going process. Contrary to religion, if the ritual is quiet strict and protocolarized, what is being experienced inside it is quiet open, if not totally, according to the "merits" of the ...

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