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KATHMANDU KORA Cycling Challenge 2011 [07:08]
In 2011, a 16 year old boy from the UK, Maxim Jones, decided to come to Nepal to volunteer at SAMATA school, Boudha and at OCCED Orphanage, Naxal. Before he came, he had an idea to raise some funds for these two projects. In January 2011, we gave him the idea of conducting a Cycling Challenge around Kathmandu, and connect the challenge with the fund raising. It was so successful, that by the time he was in Nepal and on the trail in July, there was an amount over 4000 British Pounds waiting for him to complete the challenge. At the same time, we prepared another 16 year old rider, Shishang Lama, to also raise funds in Nepal and participate with Maxim. Eventually, Maxim and Shishang, did the challenge of around 60 kms on cycles around Kathmandu in July, supported by 35 other riders who just rode for fun. Maxim and Shishang eventually distributed over 450000 Rs to SAMATA and OCCED at the end of this event. The Challenge was conducted last year by CHAIN Bikes, supported by others of course.
Tags: Kathmandu, biking, cycling, nepal, challenge, fund-raising outdoor sports

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal [02:48]
Mount Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal This video follows the journey of two mates to Mt Everest Base Camp and Kalar Pathar viewpoint in January 2012. Lukla to Base Camp takes around two week and this trip was done in the coldest part of the year. Includes some funny vision of a few Sherpas and some ice volleyball, plus the awesome view from the top. "Raw Traveller - A pissweak attempt at making raw travel video look semi professional"
Tags: Nepal (Country), Mount everest base camp, outdoor sports, trekking, himalayas, raw traveller

Fahrt nach Dhunche/Nepal 2012 [02:10]
Meine Fahrt nach Dhunche (Nepal) mit dem Jeep. Teilweise war es sehr knapp ;o)
Tags: Dhunche, Nepal, Am, Abgrund, Nervenkitzel, Pistenfahrt, outdoor sports, trains

Dustin Kerschtien-160 Meter Bungee in Nepal-The Last Resort [02:50]
The Last Resort is located on the boarder of Tibet and Nepal. Imagine a bridge over a 160m high tropical gorge, with the Bhote Kosi, one of Nepal's wildest rivers raging below... Now jump! One of the largest bungee jumps in the world... Overall this day was one of the best days of my life, hanging life by a thread...
Tags: Jump, Jumping, Last, Park, Mountain, Mountains, Jumps, National, Nepal, Freefall, the, Resort, Tibet, Canyon, Swing, Bungee, outdoor sports

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