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Lower Mustang, Nepal 2007 [06:22]
Trek from Kagbeni to Muktinah, Lower Mustang Nepal 2007. This is a high altitude desert, due to very low rainfall. The river Kali Gandaki acts as a wind tunnel, connecting lowlands of Nepal with the Tibetan plateau and this wind has an enhanced drying effect on the region.
Tags: Mustang, Nepal

Un viaje al Nepal [15:50]
Tomando como base una entrevista realizada por Radio Fene al montañero ferrolano José Antonio Rey Rivera ya través de las imágenes captadas rememoramos su emocionante viaje al Nepal.
Tags: nepal, rey rivera

Global River Treasure's [00:54]
Our precious children worshipping in Nepal!
Tags: Nepal

Holidays in Nepal: Middim Khola Resort [06:17]
The Middim Khola Resort that is exactly the geographic Middle of Nepal at Lat N 28 deg. 10' 39.35 Lon E 84 deg. 16' 07.26 may be THE PLACE for you and your friends to spend some time there to follow a Tai Chi Course or do some research as a bird watcher, a butterfly fan, a herbalist, an orchid lover or just take daily walks into the surrounding forest hills to see breath taking views of Mount Manaslu and the mighty Annapurna Range. Delicious local food and folk dance events performed by the local farmer women and children for a small donation for their village development committee will make your heart ache when you have to leave again.. To visit us while mountain biking from Pokhara to the resort is a daring adventure too. The biking route leads from SISUWA at the Begnas Lake over a steep pass to Karaputar and then through the dense hill forest upward from Laxmi Bazaar. Follow it and come out at the riverside exactly in Shyauli Bazaar for dinner in our lodge.j Book in time! The profit from the Resort's income goes entirely to SARDOGS Nepal; the only Search & Rescue Dog Squad for Disaster Response and missing people. They actually own the place and you can even become a honorable member of the SAR Dog Squad against the pledge for some regular small donation. You even can purchase or rent a cottage in this cool and spacious jungle resort for long term stay...if you are a pensioner that is...or a travel writer who needs to sort out his/her manuscripts. Volunteers are also ...
Tags: Nepal, stay-here, Middim -Khola-Resort, paradise, bird-watching, butterflies, angling -and-fishing, folk-dance, tai-chi, outdoors, hiking, gardening, cycling

Paragliding in Nepal [15:11]
I believe we were in Pokhara Nepal when we all went paragliding. Notice my perfect of "running in place" per my driver's instruction.
Tags: paraglide, paragliding, nepal, pokhara, ktm, kathmandu, hindu, asia, tibet, mountains, everest, skydive, skydiving, airplane, hill, mountain, sky, himalayas, family, vacation, trip, tour, tourist, tourism, fun, crazy, adventure, falling, crash

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