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Nepalese_instants_part 3 [07:10]
"NEPALESE INSTANTS" are a serie of contemplative videos, showing life in Nepal. The aim is to get immersed into the nepali culture, for a while. The episodes of this part are : - Ratna Park Bus station : try to find your way in this mess. - Fire and songs during Maha Shivaratri : for those who don't stay with sadhus, you can enjoy music and gather around sacred fires in the city. - Mr Pottery from Bhaktapur : this guy is faster than a plant !

Eastern Star in Nepal , Yo Nepali Sir Uchali Nepali Songs ,2012 Sep 25,Upload Ghanshyam chamlagai [04:33]
Nepal ,Morang ,Laxmimarga ,Uploaded By Ghanshyam chamlagai ,,,,Yo Nepali sir Uchali Songs ...............................Mount Everest view ..........................

swept away by flood , dead man , they are dead in real. seti river of nepal [01:15]
this video is of dead peersons, they were dead during flood in seti river which was totally unknown and they were unable to run away and they were dead... video by unknown person.....
Tags: Nepal (Country), Away, Song, Getting, Far, Songs, Take, Ready, Last, Water, Far Away, Folk, Getting Ready, Take Away, Arc, New

Nepal Company Formation, Doing Business in Nepal [01:41]
Tags: Nepal (Country), Business (Literary Genre), Song, Songs, Avi, Thing, Doing, cellphones

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