Who said TikTok is just about dancing and singing?


After she received her bar license, 24- year-old Mamta Siwakoti was delighted and thrilled to begin a brand-new chapter in her life. She had actually committed practically 5 years of her life studying law so she could practice it and return to society by helping people lawfully. The pandemic came and Siwakoti’s dreams and aspirations […]

After she received her bar license, 24- year-old Mamta Siwakoti was delighted and thrilled to begin a brand-new chapter in her life. She had actually committed practically 5 years of her life studying law so she could practice it and return to society by helping people lawfully. The pandemic came and Siwakoti’s dreams and aspirations had actually to be put on hold.

To pass her spare time, like almost every other Nepali in the lockdown, she started using and making TikTok videos. Simply after 2 months of using the platform, she did what she had never ever planned to use the platform for: make videos about legal concerns and educate individuals about the laws of the country.

” I stumbled upon a video where a physician from a foreign country was sharing some medical suggestions,” says Siwakoti, a supporter working in a Kathmandu-based law firm. “I thought I could do something comparable.”

Although not devoid of debate, TikTok as a platform has actually seen unmatched growth in users from all over the world than any other social platform. According to Sensor Tower, a global company that provides intelligence and insights for the global app economy, TikTok was the most downloaded application in October this year. In Nepal, TikTok alone accounts for 25 percent of the bandwidth, a shocking number that reveals its ubiquitous usage.

While the app is mostly utilized for recreational and home entertainment functions, where people sing and dance on songs and act, in recent years its usage has transitioned into something major. Many experts, like physicians, attorneys, and activists, are using the platform to educate and aware people about their respective fields.

” I started making videos with an intent to share my legal understanding and knowledge to individuals who might quickly get the info with the assistance of TikTok videos,” states Lilanath Ghimire, a supporter, who also since the preliminary lockdown has been utilizing TikTok to share his legal know-how.

Like Siwakoti, it was just curiosity and excitement of checking out the new platform that drew Ghimire’s attention at first, he states. After his pals recommended him to use TikTok as a medium for expanding his knowledge, he was pumped up to post videos, where he would discuss people about laws by addressing their legal questions.


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” I am not brand-new to social platforms. I have been using Twitter and facebook for many years,” states Ghimire, who’s likewise a reporter. “However the reaction that I received on TikTok was really frustrating, as it made me understand the absence along with the demand of legal details among the masses and how the platform could be used in an efficient manner than any other applications.”

Currently, both Siwakoti and Ghimire have more than 56 k and 26 k followers respectively on TikTok, where they speak about cyber laws, laws connected to citizenship, criminal offenses, marriage, personal privacy. They also use aid to viewers by addressing their legal queries, which is asked through comments or direct messages.

Although they have actually branched off to other platforms like YouTube and Instagram, where they also inform and inform people about legal concerns, they both think that unlike any other platform for their work, TikTok is the most effective.


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” For what I do, TikTok is an effective medium, as it successfully disseminates details to the masses within a time frame of 15 seconds to a minute, which is terrific because all of us have really less attention span. Likewise, unlike other platforms, there are more possibilities of the videos getting viral and reaching to masses all over the country considering that the majority of people utilize TikTok nowadays,” says Siwakoti.

Taking inspiration from Siwakoti, Sonny Maharjan, a dentist, considering that the past two months has likewise been utilizing the platform to inform and notify individuals about dental hygiene.

” I was unsure how it would turn out. I was simply influenced by seeing the videos of numerous specialists who were using TikTok, where they would make interactive videos mentor and awaring people about their fields,” says Maharjan, who’s the CEO of Vaidurya Dental Clinic.

While she has fewer followers than other specialists, Maharjan has devoted her spare time in making videos where she teaches the basics of oral hygiene like how to brush, how to floss in addition to mindful people about the signs of various oral illness.

” My main intention of utilizing the platform was to produce a space where I might resolve the concerns and issues faced by people, problems they haven’t gone over with their dental experts,” states Maharjan. “Through my interactive videos, I want to focus on informing individuals about basic preventive measures they can take so they don’t have to suffer from any oral health problems later on.”

For professionals like Maharjan, Siwakoti, and Ghimire, TikTok is really efficient and effective, if they are aiming to share and spread their message to a mass, states Chandi Raj Dahal, assistant teacher of Media Research studies at Kathmandu University School of Arts.

” Experts like medical professionals and lawyers and alike might not have a considerable variety of fan-following on social media like celebs and social networks influencers,” says Dahal. “However the numbers are still good enough to communicate to a bigger and general audience at once.”

But more than trying to make their content reach a big mass, these experts want the ideal information to reach individuals. The lack of even the most basic details among Nepali public is disconcerting, they state.

” I was amazed to see that the users even did not have basic understanding about how to get a birth registration or a marital relationship certificate and even to get a citizenship,” states Ghimire. “That’s why TikTok is the most apt platform to use nowadays if you are intending to spread your message because people of all backgrounds are utilizing it, who might be unaware about how they can look for aid for their legal and administrative works.”

However, by default, the nature of the platform isn’t helpful of helpful material. The algorithm operates in such a method that it’s primarily entertainment videos that are likely to reach more mobile screens.

” TikTok is essentially a platform that comes from the entertainment genre and are primarily utilized for sharing videos that are brief and amusing,” states Dahal. “Naturally, this platform has some democratic values when you speak about the individual’s access to the application; everybody can take part and reveal themselves. Nevertheless, not much can be gotten out of TikTok in increasing democratic discourses on severe problems unless you are exceptionally innovative for blending art with info,” says Dahal.

Likewise, unlike other platforms, there is a restriction of time also on TikTok. The maximum length of the videos can only be up to a minute, developing barriers and adding challenges to professionals who wish to provide information within a restricted time.

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” It’s challenging at times due to the time limit, as you can’t state what you are intending to within a minute in some cases. Due to this, there’s this constant worry around my mind that people will get just limited or half-knowledge,” states Maharjan.

And to fix this concern, the majority of the content creator specialists attempt to ensure they are using easy language, numerous individuals can comprehend it. “Despite the fact that I may sound formal, I attempt to utilize basic words, delivering the most prominent info to the public in the video through my speech. I likewise utilize the captions and text to distribute other info, which I might have missed out while speaking,” states Siwakoti.

Although the experts say that their TikTok videos haven’t always transitioned into real-life customers, one thing the platform has actually surely helped them is solidified their interest in their particular fields and made them comprehend the significance of their jobs.

” I may not know whatever by heart. Nevertheless from the time I started making TikTok videos, my interest and passion in law was charged up once again, making me revise and whenever I am able to help individuals for even basic things like how they can make their citizenship to how they can seek out aid if they are in any difficulty; it provides me immense joy to be an assisting hand,” says Ghimire.

In the previous few months, this unique blend of TikTok, as a platform of home entertainment and education, is getting traction in Nepali cyberspace. Nevertheless, there is likewise an equal probability that the platform may be unwittingly promoting disinformation and false information. Reports of conspiracy theories and fake news getting promoted in the platform are known to numerous.

” Any channel of communication may fulfill an unexpected function throughout the time of crises; for either excellent or bad. TikTok, in that sense, may still work in bring in individuals’s attention since, from the perspective of the real experts and specialists, it would still be a great and less costly attempt to connect to the locations where their audience already are,” states Dahal. “However, there is also an equal chance for misinformation and misguidance since it likewise lets pseudo-experts to misguide the audience”.

While that is concerning, right now there are just a handful of specialists utilizing TikTok, and for now, the platform has actually been a fulfilling experience, they say.

” I understand that I am not doing some groundbreaking work. But even assisting couple of individuals, addressing their concerns and issues is satisfying as it feels terrific to make a difference in somebody’s life,” states Siwakoti.