Mountain Flights in Nepal, Outdoor Tourist Activities

Nepal is a beautiful country, diverse in its many habitats ranging to some of the most extreme on the highest mountain ranges in the whole world. For those who have the chance to get away and travel, this is definitely a country to explore in-depth. There is an amazing variety of ways to see the countryside and all depends on the experience you would like to have. Some travelers are pure adrenaline junkies and so taking the opportunity to see Nepal through one to two day tours is the answer as you bungy jump off the side of a steel bridge or raft down the Bhote Koshi. Others prefer the serene views up in a hot air balloon or through some of the most intriguing jungles on elephant back and if you really do feel like taking a challenge its to trek up some of the highest and majestic mountains the greatest, Mount Everest.

If you feel that time or physical fitness is against you, but desire to feel and experience the awe inspiring views of Nepal in something a little faster than a hot air balloon, then the mountain flights may just be the answer you were looking for. The duration of the mountain flight in Nepal is exactly the same as the balloon ride, the difference is that you will cover a lot more area in camera range of some of the most incredible scenes. Nothing can explain the emotions, sensations and thoughts that race through your mind as you glide just meters away from some of the most incredible rock masses and natural ice sculptures on the mountain faces.

From the time of lift off the aircraft will head in an eastward direction, almost immediately a range of peaks will be set before you beginning with Gosaithan which stands at 8,013 meters into the sky. On the right lies the Kathmandu Valley beneath the towering Phurbi Chyachu. Immediately thereafter you will notice Choba Bhamare, although much smaller in comparison to Everest sitting at only 5,993 meters it still to this day has not been conquered. According to legend the Hindus believe that Mt. Gaurishanker (7,134m) is protected by Lord Shiva and his companion Parvati. The flight then moves toward the eastern Himalayas where a series of mountains follow. Along the last stretch you will view exciting close ups of mountains such as Gyachungkang, Pumori (7,161m), Nuptse (7,855m) and finally the Grandfather of all, Everest, or as commonly known by the Nepalese ‘Sagarmatha’.

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