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Together with the Tribhuvan Museum and the Birendra Museum, the Mahendra Museum is located in the Hanuman Dhoka Palace. Here visitors will be able to marvel at the breathtaking architecture and explore the lives of three of Nepal’s Kings. Even though King Mahendra’s father, King Tribhuvan, is remembered for his valiant fight for democracy, Mahendra would leave behind a legacy far different then that of his predecessor.

King Mahendra was born on 11 June 1920, son of the respected and loved,
King Tribhuvan. The King believed in democracy, in giving each citizen a
voice and bringing an end to the rule of the ruthless Rana family. Fighting
for these beliefs put the life of the King and his family in grave danger.
But after having to flee his home, international and local pressure finally
brought the Rana dynasty to its knees. King Tribhuvan returned to the
thrown and successfully helped Nepal through the change in parliament and
democratic freedom. In 1955, King Tribhuvan passed away and King Mahendra
rose to power. Instead of continuing the legacy his father had left behind,
the new King went about destroying the democratic parliament. By the year
1960, all opposing political parties were banned in Nepal. King Mahendra’s
rule came to an end with his death, on 31 January 1972. He is a King that
evokes mixed emotions, yet his poetry and literary genius is remembered with
fondness and admiration.

The Museum of King Mahendra exhibits recreations of his
office chamber and the cabinet room, where he made his decisions and ruled
the country. Amongst his personal items and belongings that are on display,
visitors will be able to view his beautiful collection of coins and his
stamp collection. His poetry and manuscripts can also be seen, together with
handwritten notes and the medals he received during his reign. Other items
include fascinating decorations and a variety of gifts that were given to

This dedicational museum of King Mahendra, highlights the contrast in
personality of the King. His creative and poetic side, opposed to the
aggressive King that ruled Nepal. The Mahendra Museum takes visitors on a
journey through the life of King Mahendra, a descended of a long line of
rulers, and predecessor of those to come.

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