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Anyone planning to visit Nepal will no doubt have ideas of exploring local customs and religions. For many, Nepal is the center of certain Buddhist philosophies and teachings and they aim to either explore this religion more fully or to adopt certain teachings themselves. Whether that is your goal or not, you will certainly find an abundance of religious sites in Nepal such as temples, shrines and monasteries.

With beautiful Mount Everest towering in the nearby Himalayas, Nepal seems like the perfect place to examine our role in the circle of life and our link to the heavenly cosmos. Many come here seeking spiritual enlightenment and some even claim that they have found it. Still others simply come here to explore other cultures and visiting temples, shrines and monasteries is very much a part of local culture so these ancient religious edifices generally become popular tourist attractions. Of course, some temples and monasteries in Nepal are considered to be sacred places where few people are allowed access so if you are a foreigner, do not always expect to get your way. It is simply a sign of respect for the very culture you are trying to gain appreciation for to resign yourself to the fact that access is prohibited in certain places. Generally speaking though, the people of Nepal are very friendly and do not mind allowing foreigners to enter their places of worship.

There are a few temples, shrines and monasteries in Nepal which are definitely worth visiting. To start with, Swayambhunath Temple is probably one of the oldest temples you will ever come across. It is a most sacred and holy place and the local people are especially proud of it. Also quite old and quite similar is the Boudha Nath Stupa which is not far away. Both places feature a stupa painted with three eyes and a numerical symbol and the meaning of such features is contemplated daily by those who worship at these places. Also worth considering are the Pashupati Nath Temple, the Kopan Monastery and the Shechen Monastery. These are only a few of the many magnificent religious buildings in Nepal so start making your travel arrangements today to ensure that you get to see as many of them as you possibly can.

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