Discover Lo Manthang

In the northern region of Nepal, in a district known as the Mustang District, is a city that is as mythical and historical as it is beautiful. It is a city that was ruled by its own monarchy, a city that is home to the descendants of the Kingdom of Mustang and a city that is still populated today by very unique and interesting locals. The architecture, forgotten treasures and stories that this breathtaking walled city protects can only be described as magnificent, and it is one of Nepal’s most treasured sights.

In the year 1380 a ruler by the name of Ame Pal established a city named Lo Manthang. He oversaw the construction of the city, which included the magnificent wall that surrounds it. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Mustang and was an important city in the Himalayas. At present, approximately nine hundred people live in Lo Manthang and even though the monarchy was disbanded in 2008, the city still pays tribute to its previous rulers through its magnificent buildings and structures. Some of the most celebrated structures in the city include the temples of Jampa Gompa, Chodey Gompa, Choprang Gompa and the Thubchen Gompa. The palace is also a major attraction, as it boasts with five stories. Nearby caves have revealed a wealth of Buddhists art, as well as stupas, paintings, pottery and ancient Tibetan scripts. All these features add to the magnificence and wonders of Lo Manthang.

Trekking to Lo Manthang is just as exciting as exploring the city and its surrounding landscapes. The breathtaking Kali Gandaki valley and river is extremely inspiring, and following in the footsteps of ancient civilizations is an adventure that few will ever forget. Lo Manthang has only been open to foreign visitors since 1992, and even now, the number of visitors per year to the city is limited, making this a very special excursion if permission is granted by the immigration department. Its white washed walls, caves, monasteries and unique history makes Lo Manthang a very special destination in Nepal – a monument to the Kingdom of Mustang and its people.