Explore Beautiful Panchase

Panchase is not only a significant pilgrimage destination for many locals but it is one of the most breathtaking landmarks in Nepal. Located near the cities of Bhadaure and Bhaniyang, Panchase is a natural wonder that offers breathtaking trekking routes and awe-inspiring views. The fact that it is not a frequented tourist attraction, means that the mountain remains un-spoilt and tranquil. Visitors to Nepal in search of a truly unique and unforgettable experience are advised to make the trip to Panchase and discover a picturesque part of the Nepali landscape.

The area surrounding Panchase is inhabited by local Gurung communities, so there are no towns or villages for visitors to find accommodation. The name of this magnificent mountain is derived from its extraordinary location, and means “Five Seats of the Divine Mother”, when translated. Visitors and locals can follow the footpaths that have been carved into the foothills by ancient civilizations to enjoy the unique view from the peak of Panchase. Looking out across the breathtaking terrain, visitors will also be able to see the peaks of Manaslu, Annapurna, Lamjung, Macchapuchare and Daulagiri, of which some tower to heights of over eight thousand meters. Panchase itself boasts a height of more than 2 500 meters, and at this high altitude snow can be expected as well as altitude sickness. During the time of pilgrimage to Panchase, locals can be seen building replicas of houses and scattering satbij while worshipping at the temples found on Panchase. The mountain is home to various wildlife, caves, crystal clear pools and dense vegetation that includes forests, orchids and rhododendron.

Trekkers often frequent the trails of Panchase, as it does not only offer wonderful natural surroundings to enjoy, but also has a rich history and culture that makes this region of Nepal a memorable adventure to discover. The trails are not extremely challenging, allowing trekkers of various fitness levels to take on this rare experience along with all the members of the family. Day trips to the beautiful Panchase are recommended to all who appreciate the magnificence of nature and its unmatched peacefulness and wonder.