Fly Over Mt Everest-Adventure Travel at its Peak!

Very few countries offer all that Nepal does by way of adventure travel and certainly not at its unbelievably low prices. Adventure travel to Nepal conjures up images of snow peaked mountain ranges and exotic locals but not everyone can trek extensively in the Himalayas for reasons of fitness or time available. But something everyone visiting Nepal should do is to take a flight over Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. Very few mountaineers are lucky or experienced enough to climb Sagarmatha, as the Mt Everest is known in Nepal, but the thrill of seeing this majestic mountain and many others at close range is an experience not to be missed.

There are several flights every morning from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, which go within four nautical miles of Mt Everest. The flights last for an hour and usually take off around 6am. You have to pray for a clear day and the unforgettable spectacle of the ranges of mountains stretches before you – a sight that will fill you with awe of nature’s grandeur. The aircraft are small light planes and every one is assured a window seat in them. The best time is between February and April and again October – November.

Weather permitting, the magical vista of the Tibetan Plateau and aerial views of the Mt Everest and Kanchenjunga mountains as well as sixteen other high mountains and the Namche Valley are clearly visible. The flights offer a panoramic view of the Himalayas in just one hour and your camera is sure to be very busy during the hour long flight. At less than $125 the flight is a bargain!

The aircraft heads east on take off and almost immediately the peaks come into view, many of them over 8000 meters tall… The first peak on your horizon is the majestic Gosaithan and to its right is Dorje Lhakpa which you are sure to recognize from many of the photographs of the Everest range as it looks like a massive snow covered figure of 8, lying prone. To its right is Phurbi Chyachu, which looms over the Kathmandu Valley.

The grand finale of the flight takes you close to Gyanchungkang, Pumori and Nuptse and finally, Mt. Everest, a vista you will never forget!