Include Hot Air Ballooning in Nepal as a Part of Your Adventure Travel

Adventure travel in Nepal offers opportunities to experience various adventure sports at a fraction of the cost in western countries. This is the place to go river rafting, gliding and hot air ballooning. The facilities for adventure travel in Nepal are safe and run professionally. A hot air balloon over the Kathmandu valley will provide you with unique views, something you will not see anywhere else in the world.

Nepal nestles in the majestic Himalayas and the ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples dot the landscape. Imagine gently sailing in the skies at about 3000 meters over lush green hills, terraced fields, lakes and terra-cotta structures! The sight of the suns first rays on a gilded temple spire or a solitary stupa is unforgettable. In the distance rise the legendary snow peaks of the Himalayas. As you float over the Kathmandu valley you will see the Mount Everest and other mountains washed in the morning light, unmatched by any sight anywhere in the world.

There are daily hot air balloon flights from different locations in the valley, weather permitting, from the first week of October through to the end of April. The take off is soon after sunrise as the winds are usually at their calmest then. Flights are organized in the summer months as well but that is even earlier in the morning. Five persons can travel comfortably in the basket but it is not advisable to bring very small children along. Wear sturdy shoes, sun glasses, gloves and a cap. It does not get any colder in the balloon than on the ground.

The tickets are booked in advance and a venue fixed to meet early in the morning. The exact launch site depends on the direction of the wind. They are located all over the valley and irrespective of the wind direction you are sure to have a wonderful flight. One has to stand in the wicker basket through the hour long adventure and often some amount of walking is required after landing. Communication between the pilot and ground is maintained via two-way radio. The ground crew of the team follows the flight in a retrieve vehicle and picks you up after a journey, the memory of which will linger a lifetime.