International Mountain Museum

Pokhara is Nepal’s third biggest city and attracts visitors from all over the world. Although the cities receive a lot of attention because of attractions and historical sites, there is one more reason foreigners visit Nepal, namely its mountain ranges. The Himalayas have captured the imaginations of climbers and adventurers for centuries, with its challenging terrain and peaks luring countless mountaineers each year. The International Mountain Museum in Pokhara pays tribute to the mountains of Nepal, as well as those who have dared to take them on.

Appa Sherpa and Ms. Tabei Junko opened the doors to the International Mountain Museum completely to the public in 2004. It was established to document the developments in mountaineering from past to present and operates on the generous donations received from mountaineering clubs and private contributions. The exhibitions within the museum are divided into two groups, namely the Mountain and the Mountain People. The four main galleries are the Mountain People Gallery (displaying the heritage and culture of tribes living in the mountains), Mountain Activities (detailing famous explorations, the development of mountaineering gear and legendary trekking expeditions), Associates (background on the non-profit organizations that work and run conservation projects in the mountain ranges) and Mountain Gallery (an in-depth look at the fauna and flora of the mountains and geology).

Over and above viewing documents, artifacts and photographs in regard to famous mountaineers, the mountains and the organizations dedicated to promote and conserve this rich heritage, visitors will also learn more about the legends and folklores of the mountains that have been passed down through the centuries. The museum also hosts a prayer room and a library that is home to over two thousand book about the mountains and their fascinating history. The International Mountain Museum offers visitors the opportunity to relax and enjoy fun activities on the museum grounds, with a traditional craft village that doubles as another small museum, a breathtaking souvenir shop and a colorful restaurant that serves a variety of dishes, as well as traditional Nepali foods. For those who have been inspired by the museum to plan their own mountain adventure, there is an artificial climbing wall (21 meters) for future mountaineers to practice on. The International Mountain Museum is educational, interactive and extremely interesting, and is a recommended attraction when visiting Pokhara.