Promoting Bird Conservation in Nepal

As a project of Himalayan Nature, the Kosi Bird Observatory was established north of Nepal’s Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve on a vital corridor for migrating birds, to serve as an observatory, research center and field education center. With the support of the Nepal government, the organization has initiated a bird ringing scheme which, it is hoped, will provide bird migration research teams with information regarding migration strategies, life-cycles and populations of birds in this areas. Ringing also provides a unique opportunity to raise public awareness regarding the necessity for conservation.

The information and community support center at the bird observatory aims to encourage community members to view birds up close, learning more about them and what needs to be done to protect them. Local and national authorities and officials will also be invited to visit the center to see the work being done, primarily by volunteers, to protect the natural heritage of Nepal, with the view to garnering support from decision makers who can influence policies at government level for better conservation of natural resources.

With offices in Kathmandu, Himalayan Nature is involved with a range of conservation and research projects. They also serve the role as advocates for nature conservation, appealing to government agencies, NGOs and donors to improve the management of natural resources in the Himalayan Region, including in Nepal. By means of some key indicator species, Himalayan Nature is monitoring the effects of climate change on this mountainous region. The organization also encourages individuals to do what they can in conserving water and power, while being responsible with waste disposal. Even small changes, like recycling and switching off power when not in use, can make a big difference and is something everyone can do.

The Kosi Bird Observatory is supported by Wetlands Trust UK and Red Panda Network US, and appeals to corporations and individuals for financial support.