Spiritual Enlightenment at the Kopan Monastery

Nestled in the shadows of the Himalayas in Nepal is the well-known Kopan Monastery. The hill on which this monastery is situated overlooks the striking Kathmandu Valley and its proximity to the capital city not only makes it accessible for visitors but also means it has played a very important spiritual role in the lives of the people of the Kathmandu Valley for centuries.

One of the things that visitors find so enthralling about the Kopan Monastery is that it opens its doors to foreigners. Anyone and everyone who is looking for spiritual enlightenment through the Buddhist faith can come to the Kopan Monastery and participate in the courses held here throughout the year. These meditation courses are open to people who are new to Buddhism as well as to people who have been practicing the faith for some time. For beginners looking to study at the Kopan Monastery, the mediation courses offered provide an outstanding introduction to the practice and theory of Tibetan Buddhism. However more experienced followers also find that a stay at the monastery also offers them a chance to deepen their understanding of the teachings and so acquire more understanding. Approximately 200 different students from around the world currently travel to the Kopan Monastery every year in November to enjoy a month of meditation and increased understanding of the Dharma!

If you would like to study at the Kopan Monastery, you will find that regular introductory courses are held during the months of March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October for a period of ten days. Everything you could need to know about Tibetan Buddhism to get started will be taught to you during this period and some of the information is imparted to guests by a Tibetan Lama. The information provided is reputed to help you to find a spiritual balance in many aspects of your life, and the information and practical guidance imparted to you during your stay can then be taken home and continued as you continue with the struggles of daily life. Visitors eat and sleep at the monastery during this period and are expected to attend all the sessions. The course starts at 06:30 and finishes at 21:00, so the days are long but you get your money’s worth. It is interesting to note that the introductory course is only one of the many courses available at the monastery, so if you are already an advanced Buddhist you may find a one month or three month retreat more beneficial to you. You can visit their official website to find out more.