Summiting Tilicho Peak

The majestic mountain peaks of Nepal attract mountaineering enthusiasts from far and wide. There are a number of routes that adventurers can choose from, according to their capabilities, as they pursue their personal goals. Tilicho Peak, towering at a height of 7134 meters is rated by experienced climbers as a technical climb, with many agreeing that it presents an exciting challenge for even the most experienced climber.

Intrepid adventurers who decide to climb Tilicho Peak need to set aside at least forty days to do so. Some of this time is spent acclimatizing to the extreme altitude, a process which needs to be undertaken responsibly and patiently in order to avoid altitude sickness, which could result in having to abandon the climb.

The adventure begins on arrival at Kathmandu airport. It is in Kathmandu that climbers will make basic preparations for their trip, which includes applying for permits from Ministry of Tourism. Climbers are driven from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar, the beginning of the trail to Tilicho Peak. There are two routes to the permanent base camp for Tilicho Peak which is located Near Tilicho Lako at an altitude of about 4800 meters. One route travels via Marshyangdi Valley, with the other going via Kaligandaki Valley. The route via Kaligandaki Valley takes climbers over the Messocanto pass at 5300 meters, before descending to the base camp.

Climbers need to spend a few days at the base camp to acclimatize to the altitude, before proceeding along a fairly strenuous route to camp one which is located at an altitude of 5800 meters. Camp one offers climbers an exquisite view of Tilicho Lake, giving them the opportunity to reflect on how much ground they have already covered. Camp two of the Tilicho Peak climb is located at approximately 6200 meters and climbers will find that route becomes increasingly difficult, with an elevation of about forty degrees.

Camp two is the last camp before ascending to the top of Tilicho Peak. With an elevation of about sixty degrees, climbers will need to use all their strength and rely heavily on their mountaineering skills to reach their goal. Mountaineers who have conquered Tilicho Peak agree that there is nothing quite the same as standing at the top of this rugged peak and surveying the snow-frosted surroundings of seemingly endless valleys and mountain peaks – an experience that is immensely satisfying.