The Nepali Folklore Society

It is a known fact that as any country develops and modernizes, many traditions, cultural rituals and folklores begin to fade into obscurity. The tales told throughout generations are replaced with technology and whatever the new world has on offer, robbing future generations of their ancestral roots and a part of society that has on many occasions assisted in the survival of tribes. Their beliefs and language being the foundation of their society, and the backbone to their culture, the need to preserve the folklore of Nepal was recognized years ago, but the preservation of folklore would have to wait till 1995.

The Nepali Folklore Society is a non-profit and a non-political organization that is dedicated to the research, study and preservation of folklore in Nepal. While respecting the diversity of the community of Nepal, the society gathers folklores from all the tribes and communities within the country. The main goal of the Nepali Folklore Society is to collect and document literature and folk art from all the groups in Nepal, and to preserve it as a part of the country’s history.

During the year, the Nepali Folklore Society organizes workshops to discuss and promote folklore, get research projects off the ground together with experts in this field and hosts folklore festivals for everyone to enjoy. The also publish newsletters, offer demonstrations, hold folklore conferences, translate research materials and strive to educate the public and foreign visitors on the richness of the culture and folklore of Nepal. The society reaches out to folklorists from other countries to attend talks to learn and discuss the differences and similarities in folklores from around the world, and in 2001 the Nepali Folklore Society worked closely with well known Nepali singer, Komal Oli, to record and release a CD, featuring Nepali folk songs. International poetry recitals are also held in a bid to bring folklore, in all its forms, to the forefront.

Through the efforts and work done by the Nepali Folklore Society the tales from the ages and from all over the country, will be preserved. Their dedication has already created great success and admiration for the Nepali Folklore Society. It is hoped that their research and awareness programs will continue to grow in popularity and restore pride in the history of Nepal and its traditions, in the present and future community generations.