Trekkers Information Management System

Trekking through Nepal can be an exhilarating and unforgettable experience, with its endless rolling hills and challenging mountain ranges. Enjoying the peacefulness of the landscapes and escaping the bustle of cities, are features that every trekker looks forward to and are some of the reasons that Nepal is seen as a trekking paradise. Unfortunately when disaster strikes, situations can change dramatically, and the Nepali government has been using the Trekkers Information Management System on a trial period to test its effectiveness in locating injured trekkers and being able to reach trekkers in trouble as soon as possible.

Over the last two years the Trekkers Information Management System has proven to be vital in the rescue of trekkers, and together with the support of the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal, and the Nepal Tourism Board, the Trekkers Information Management System will now become a mandatory trekking feature. A small fee per trekking route will be implemented in obtaining a Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) card, which will contribute to a number of trekking related services and assist in eradicating unauthorized trekking.

Free individual trekkers will be required to pay $20 per trekking route, while individuals trekking through legitimate trekking companies will pay $10 per trekking route for a TIMS card. This new system will ensure that all details of trekkers, such as their names, routes and trekking time, will be loaded into a computerized system. This will enable authorities to reach trekkers faster in case of emergencies or natural disasters. The fees paid toward the card will be used in various ways to improve trekking in Nepal, such as rescue services, maintaining trekking routes, insurance and benefits for guides, exploring new routes, conservation, sustainable tourism and the maintenance for running the Trekkers Information Management System. There are a few exclusions to the system for certain trekkers, such as organized expeditions, guests who are touring on invitation of the government and those who hold official documentation stating that they are traveling at their own risk. TIMS has been implemented to ensure the safety and welfare of foreign trekkers and cards and regulatory procedures are available at all Nepal Tourism Board and Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal offices.