Truly Experience Nepal through Rural Tourism

Nepal is a beautiful country with fascinating customs and traditions, an ancient history, captivating animal life and breath-taking scenery. This popular tourist destination is a favorite among back-packers and hikers who are looking for something off the beaten track, as many of the most beautiful destinations in Nepal are in hard to reach places.

The term “rural tourism” has been given to recreational experiences which involve visits to rural environments with the objective of experiencing activities, attractions and events that are not available in urbanized areas. Nepal, where the majority of the population lives in rural settings, has embraced this new concept in tourism, to the benefit of the local people as well as the tourists. Realizing that rural tourism can assist in alleviating some of the hardship caused by poverty in a number of rural areas, the locals, who are friendly by nature at the best of times, are going out of their way to welcome tourists.

Rural tourism, also referred to as “Village Trek” tours, offer many potential benefits to tourists. There is no better way to get to know these friendly people and their beautiful country than by actually living among them. It gives visitors the opportunity to see their daily way of life, learn about customs and traditions as well as where and how these originated and visit any places of interest in the area. Tourists can also enjoy local cuisine prepared in the traditional way, generally made from produce grown in the area, such as Nepali “Daalbhaat” – a dish made from lentils, rice and organically grown garden-fresh vegetables. Many families make rooms available in their homes to accommodate tourists, who become part of their family for the duration of their stay.

An objective of the tourism board in Nepal is to provide incentives for nature conservation and forestation in order to protect the environment and continue to develop tourism in all its forms, with the emphasis on rural tourism. This initiative is sure to be of benefit to all concerned.

The benefits of rural tourism to the indigenous people of Nepal are mainly financial, which is without a doubt very important. But sharing the natural treasures of Nepal with visitors and noting their enjoyment of the experience gives the locals another reason to be proud of their country.