Visit the Popular Tourist Destination of Dharan

The city of Dharan in the Sunsari district of Eastern Nepal is one of Nepal’s largest cities. Lying at the foot of Vijayapur hill amidst stunning scenery, Dharan is considered to be an excellent example of urban development in Nepal. In a fascinating blend of ancient and modern, Dharan, which is also referred to as “fashion town”, is a popular tourist destination with many places of interest for visitors to explore.

Dharan is a multi-lingual community, and numerous different languages and different dialects can be heard when mingling with the people. However, the common language in which all groups communicate with one another is Nepali, which is also the official language. Dharan is also a multi-cultural community with Hindu, Kirant, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist groups all being represented.

The settlement of Dharan was established when the thick jungle in the area was being cleared to supply timber to the East India Company, for the railway tracks they were laying in India in the 1890s. The settlement grew steadily and in 1953 a British Gurkha Recruitment Center was established in the town, resulting in its rapid growth. Many of the town’s inhabitants are ex-Gurkha service men.

As the gateway to the eastern hilly districts of Dhankuta (a major tea growing region), Bhojpur and Terathum, Dharan is the prime tourist center in the area. There are many places of religious and historical value for tourists to visit. With more than 25 temples and holy sites, Dharan is an important pilgrimage destination. The geographical location, climate and scenery all contribute to Dharan’s popularity as a tourist destination. Situated on the hill above Dharan, Bhedetar View – referred to as Charles Point because British Prince Charles spent some time climbing there – provides an incredible view of the valley and the city, as well as the Himalayan Mountain Range.

Other activities in close proximity to Dharan include paragliding from Bhedetar and rafting in Kosi River, as well as many trails for hiking. Places to visit include the Panchakanya Natural Park, and archaeological excavations of the palaces of the Kirat Limbu kings. Ongoing plans for the promotion of tourism in and around Dharan include the development of the nearby Saptarangi Park and Panchakanya Natural Park.

Nepal is the destination of choice for many travelers who are looking for an experience that is out of the ordinary. A visit to Dharan and its surrounding areas will certainly be time well spent.