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Although the official language of Nepal is Nepali there are many other languages which are spoken in various parts of the country. In fact, estimates indicate that less than half the people of Nepal actually speak Nepali – many using the spoken language in their region instead. The remaining percentage of the population may speak Maithali, Bhojpuri, Tharu (Dagaura/Rana), Tamang, Newar, Magar, Awadhi or a number of other languages which are unspecified because their language groups are small. In addition to this, some of those involved in government or who have large businesses may speak English.

With such a variety of languages being spoken in Nepal, there is little wonder why Nepal translators are quite sought after. Nepal is a productive country filled with hard-working individuals and Nepal translator service may be required for business reasons as well as for travel purposes. In fact, most major hotels would do well to make sure that they employ staff who are capable of speaking at least one European language so that they can assist visitors to make the most of their stay in this scenic country.

So whether you’re looking for a great tour guide or someone to help you conduct a business transaction more smoothly, you may find yourself in need of a Nepali translator or a Nepal translation service. We suggest that you first find out what language is spoken in the immediate area and then contacting major hotels, banks or businesses to see if you can arrange for a translator to be sent your way. Tour guides who speak more than one language can also prove invaluable on long trips. Good compensation for these service will go a long way to making sure more people pursue translation as a career, to the benefit of many.

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