Nepal Television, Local TV

Nepal may not have the most extensive television industry in the world but it is proud of those stations which it does have. These carefully planned and well established television networks are part of the country’s national heritage. The majority of TV programs in Nepal are broadcast in Nepalese but you will also be able to find some which are broadcast in English if you try hard enough.

There are currently four main TV networks in Nepal. These are Avenues TV, Channel Nepal, Image Channel and Nepal TV. Most of these TV networks have been growing at a steady pace ever since their inception and many of them now have stations set up in many parts of the country. This development allows the ever increasing number of individuals who own a television set to receive their broadcasts. However, the growth is sadly stunted by the lack of available electricity in many parts of the country.

If you are planning to visit the country’s capital, you will likely entertain the option of getting a hotel room with a television set. Watching some of the locally broadcast television programs may add to your experience and help you to better understand the local culture – even if you do not always understand what is being said. It is also a great way to try and get a better understanding of the local language. Why not give it a try? You might really enjoy it!

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