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Love triangle- please help

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  • Love triangle- please help

    I'm from America and my boyfriend is from Nepal and we both live in a third country. We have been dating for about 5 months. From the beginning he told me that he is about to be arranged married to a girl back in Nepal. They talk but he first, doesn't love her and second, they fight and argue all the time. They have been dating for a year and they are set to be married in August.

    I asked if he could leave her for me but he said that he could never. The reasons are:
    1. She has been married before and it failed. In Nepal, if she doesn’t get married this time “NOONE” will try and marry her. (I’m not sure if I believe this)
    2. She is almost 30 years old. She is apparently almost too old to marry…I guess (BTW he is 23)
    3. She has high blood pressure (I’m not sure what they has to do with anything)
    4. Her family has problems and need the financial help from his family

    His fiancé will be coming to live with him in two month - in secret (they aren’t supposed to live together before marriage but she wants to save money). They have lived together before. He told me that they have never had sex with each other (her choice not his) and when they move in together this time they will have two beds and will not have sex (his choice).

    He proposed to me last month and wants to legally marry me before his wedding in August so he would not be able to legally marry his fiancé. He is still going to do the traditional Nepalese wedding with her and leave her back in Nepal and come back and live with me. He also doesn’t want to tell her or his family (except his brother whom I have talked to myself) until “later”…like after his wedding later.

    Am I crazy? Half of my mind believes him when he tells me that he loves me and the other half thinks he just wants a USA citizenship. We have had two pregnancy scares. The first time it was a complete accident but the second time, I’m 100% sure he tried to get me pregnant. Why? He really wanted my baby? Love? Citizenship? He also always talks about his “baby” in my stomach. (there is not baby…THANK GOD)

    I’m not going to marry him before August. I want to see how living with his fiancé works out first and how the wedding ceremony plays out.
    I just need advice.
    What do you think is happening here?