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Saddam Hussein Hanged to death.

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  • Saddam Hussein Hanged to death.

    As I predicted in the start of my thread, Saddam Hussein at last is hanged at dawn on the day of Eid-ul-Adha the slaughtered Eid.

    The day when animals being sacrificed to mark the prophet Abraham's son Ismael's escape from being sacrificed.

    It is also the day when prisoners are being set free to mark the day to show mercy and reconciliation; instead, the former dictator became the victim of injustice.

    I am not arguing either he was a good or evil person, but the injustice that has swallowed him such a miserable way. He should have to be exempted from vengeance to pave the way for national reconciliation.

    Saddam's hanging is a crystal clear message for dictators like Musharraf, Hosni Mubarrak, King Abdul of Jordan, King of Saudi Arabia and many more, to work only for betterment of their people and national security instead of playing in the hands of USA and other foreign powers. You could also be end like Saddam Hussein.

    For more details about my prediction read the following thread on A-time's South Asia forum.

    “Saddam Hussein, sentence to death on Sunday”.