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Slavery of Nepalese Migrant Workers in Nepal

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  • Slavery of Nepalese Migrant Workers in Nepal

    Have you seen the video describing about how Nepalese workers are being enslaved in Qatar? I think Qatar is one of those nations that has modern forms of slavery for the poor. And this time the people who are being enslaved are our brothers from Nepal.

    The video, if you have to watched already has been created by The Guardian

    This news is being covered by international media. This news makes my blood boil actually.

    Basically what the video shows is how Nepali workers take loan, they are promised a certain wage but when they reach there they get some really low wage. Their living conditions are inhumane and people are dying there. Nothing is being done to stop it. Just watch the video and see how much rage it brings unto you.

    Since FIFA is happening in Qatar this time, some light has been shed on this situation. International attention has been sought. I hope FIFA does something for this.

    There is an online petition at as well

    I hope something happens to stop this.
    Jay Nepal