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Maoists "Dictators & Killers"

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  • Maoists "Dictators & Killers"

    As a concerned citizen of The United States Of America that served in the USMC (Marines) in late 60's-early 70's I have seen many problems World Wide. The situation in Nepal is criticle with the Maoists. I have friends in Ktm. and I can only hope and pray that the Gutless Maoists do Not gain power from intimidation and force. Thanks for reading my words. J.A.W. jwamp

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    Do surely worry but do not despair!

    The Maoists did it as you can see now...they are on top of it!
    Now the citizens of Nepal are watching them closely and ...oh dear...they make one blunder after the other!
    Do not under-estimate the Nepalese people!

    If the Maoists think they can establish an old fashion and out-of date system like Stalin did in Russia, they will make their final blunder and Mr. Prachandra knows this well. He is now a paper tiger...although he uses paper clips as claws. Still dangerous and harmful of course...these sharp claws...yet Nepal and it's people have one huge advance on Russia! The are so diverse and so hot tempered in their diversity that ruling them is like a handling a hive of wild jungle bees....many bees can kill the largest beast! The Maoists opened a Pandora's Box and will be in-able to close it again. This is the advantage of knowing History in the Age of Global village! Any attempt to establish a dictatorship in this new Nepal may cost plenty of life's but the result will be the end of Prachandra's illusions.