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A book about Post-Republic Nepal

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  • A book about Post-Republic Nepal

    This book New Nepal written by Nishchal Nath Pandey, published by SAGE Publication analyses the tumultuous situation in post-republic Nepal, with spot diagnosis of the major issues facing the country such as federal structure, security sector reform, armed movement in the terai, and religious clashes that have wide implications for India and China.

    While there is no disagreement over the issue of state restructuring itself, New Nepal: The Fault Lines deals with possible spin-offs of the failure to address the questions of identity, ethnicity, language, religion, region, and culture in "New Nepal". Security sector governance, the structure of the political system and the relations between various organs of the state are yet to be determined while the law and order situation, supply of daily essentials, and immediate economic relief to the rural hinterlands is already testing the patience of the people. Political parties are once again resorting to the same old addiction of forming and dismantling governments, knowing well that this will be disastrous to the nascent democracy. The writing of the new Constitution will only be a small step towards producing a stable country.

    The book will be of immense interest to academics in the fields of politics, international relations, and South Asian studies, and international think tanks, research institutions, and diplomatic communities interested in studies on Nepal and South Asia.

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