Travel to Hetauda in Nepal

Located within the district of Makawanpur and the area zone of Narayani lies a small town by the name of Hetauda, which is based in the center of Nepal. Some feel that the town is in that specific location due to the meeting points of two of the most influential highways: Tribhuwan Rajpath and the East-West Highway. Just a hundred and thirty-two kilometers away from here you will find the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, which can be accessed via the Tribhuwan Highway or along two of the new alternate roads less than eighty kilometers, though be warned they are still in a rough state as construction has not been fully completed.

Surrounding the town of Hetauda are three rivers: Rapti lies in the west, Samari in the north and in the south is Karra. The rivers run through in a southwest direction, finally meeting up one of the biggest rivers, the Narayani. It is here that you’ll find one of the most important industrial regions in all of Nepal. Although this is so, it is highly regarded for being one of the cleanest and possibly the greenest cities in Nepal. There are many other features which make Hetauda incredibly popular for those who migrate out of the hilly regions located in the north and south. It is also blessed with a wonderful climate. Hetauda is surrounded by two distinct mountain ranges: the Mahabharata range, which lies in the north, and in the south the Siwalik range.

Hetauda has a lot of potential to become one of the most influential commercial powerhouses within Nepal that could greatly benefit the area in the future. From the bordering city of Birgunj in Nepal, you will take approximately an hour to reach Hetauda along Kathmandu’s Tribhuwan highway and of course the East-west Highway, or as its also known the ‘Mahendra Highway’. Some of the popular industries that you can find located in this area are found in the Hetauda Industrial District (HID), which houses some of the largest industries as well as sheltering some of the medium and small-scale industries within the country.

Most of the people who live in Hetauda do so because of being employed by the government or the large industries and so it can be said that a large extent of the population are from the working-class. There is, however, individual entrepreneurs who favor the transport sector, making trucking a very popular business.

Nevertheless, Hetauda abounds in attractions from the Martyr Memorial Park, built in honor of the Nepalese martyrs, to the Makwanpur Gadhi, a fort with immense historic importance going all the way back to the Nepalese Unification process. All in all Hetauda is an exiting town with great potential for the future and well worth the visit.

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