Travel to Tansen in Nepal

Tansen is known for its idyllic weather conditions, and is therefore the perfect trekking destination in Nepal. It has an estimated population of 14 000 inhabitants and is 1 400 meters above sea level. The combination of beautiful treks, spectacular views of the Himalayas and Terai plains and the numerous historical sights, makes Tansen a preferred tourist destination.

The people of Tansen are very warm and inviting and are known for their
creative abilities. They create the most astonishing pottery and earthenware
such as plates, basins and jugs. Metal workers are artists in their own
right, as their plates, Hookahs and various utensils are not just used in
the homes of the locals but in many of the temples. Coming into town is a
very social event for many, as they take time out from finding the right
piece of cloth, oil, salts and other purchases to enjoy a relaxing cup of
tea. And as a matter of interest, the cloth that is made by Tansen residents
is known to be the best in Nepal. The local population is made up of mostly
Magar and Newari, which have a very colorful and proud history.

Trekkers can enjoy short treks from Tansen that lead hikers past the
Kali Gandaki River or from Pokhara through Dhorpatan. Longer treks include
the Annapurna Sanctuary, Jomson and Ghorepani. The dense forests and endless
wildlife makes trekking in this region extremely rewarding.

Tansen is also a popular destination in Nepal for its marvelous temples
and sights. In the Amar Narayan Temple visitors will be fascinated by the
detailed and distinctive woodcarvings, but even more surprised by the bat
residents that live outside in the woods surrounding the temple. Tansen
Durbar was constructed in the year 1927. Patan Durbar is a beautiful palace that is the pride of the town. Visitors are also recommended to take the time to
explore the Bhagawati Temple. It is of great religious significance and was
built in 1814 by Ujir Singh Thapa. The temple has undergone renovations as
the 1934 earthquake in Tansen damaged some of the structure. Other
noteworthy sights include Shreenagar Hill, Shitalpati, the Palpa Bhairava
Temple, Baggi Dhoka, Amargunj Ganesh and the Ranighat Palace.

Visitors to the interesting town of Tansen, with its natural beauty, historical
attractions, fascinating locals and spectacular local crafts, will
experience a destination filled with adventure and excitement. Tansen is
definitely a destination in Nepal that should not be missed.

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