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  • About Nepal

    Nepal is located in South Asia and shares territorial borders with India and China. Previously ruled as a kingdom, today it is a Federal Democratic Republic. Nepal is known for its exquisite natural beauty, with the iconic Himalayas running across the northern and western part of the country. Eight of the fourteen highest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest, reside within the ...

  • Hotels

    You've decided that Nepal is your ideal vacation destination. You know where you want to go, what you want to see and how long you are planning to stay. Now you need to consider booking a hotel in Nepal. Accommodation options are endless, from budget hotels in Nepal to the ultimate luxury hotels in Nepal, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

  • Accommodations

    You've read all about the amazing beauty of Nepal and are planning your next vacation in this fascinating country. You will need to book accommodation for your holiday in Nepal and the options are extensive. Accommodation in Nepal varies from hotels to apartments, to resorts and much more, catering for any budget. Visit the “Hotels” page to find out about hotel accommodation in Nepal. In ...

  • Bharatpur Airport

    If you are looking for easy access to the Chitwan District, you might want to consider using the Bharatpur Airport which is located in the city of Bharatpur. Bharatpur is the capital of the Chitwan District, and this makes the Bharatpur Airport in Nepal one of the most important access points to this part of the country.

  • Simara Airport

    Because the standards of roads and road transportation are not generally all that good in the more remote parts of the country, a number of airports in Nepal have been built to provide a more reliable and quicker form of transportation. Unfortunately the expense involved in running and refueling aircraft remains a prohibiting factor for many Nepalese citizens who simply cannot afford the ...