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  • Adventure travel

    Nepal is home to the Himalayas and the world's highest mountain. Rapid rivers flow through the country and wilderness areas abound. Experience the ultimate adventure travel in Nepal. Join us as we explore the various adventure travel options in this fascinating and beautiful country.

  • Annapurna

    Nepal has gained fame and popularity for its mountains, to be specific the Himalayas. It is home to the greatest mountain climbing extravaganza in the world. Here, climbers and trekkers can choose from 238 mountains that are above 6 000 meters in height and eight of the fourteen mountain peaks in the world, over 8 000. These monster mountains of Nepal are Mount Everest ...

  • Langtang Valley

    Near Kathmandu, lies the majestic Langtang Valley. It is a region that is known for its beauty, spectacular views and diverse ranges of landscape. Langtang Valley adds a piece of wonder to trekking in Nepal and the Langtang Valley Trek is not just recommended as a natural adventure but as a cultural expedition. The mountains of Nepal are amongst the most spectacular natural wonders of the world.

  • Hot Air Ballooning

    There are many ways to see the beautifully diverse Nepal, but nothing quite compares with a hot air balloon ride - it’ll be an hour that you will never forget. One such example is the hot air balloon sunrise ride. It is truly breathtaking as you gaze 360 degrees around upon the most magical scenery. It all begins as you gently rise over historical temples, roofed houses tiled in red, lonely ...

  • Elephant Safaris

    Elephant Safaris are an experience you don’t want to miss! You will be amazed at how much more you can see in the jungle from the back of an elephant. So come for the adventure of a lifetime on the back of an elephant in Nepal.

  • Bungy Jumping

    Bungy jumping is taking the world by storm, particularly after having recently found additional venues within the highest mountain peaks in the world - the Himalaya mountain range. It’s a crazy sport that has some of the best views imaginable, if you don’t mind heights and being upside down. It has to be said that the Nepal bungy jump experience, with the longest free-fall to date, is ...

  • Water Sports

    Water sports in Nepal are an absolute highlight for all those who would love to have an unforgettable adventure of a life time while vacationing in Nepal. All over the world travelers are welcome to come and enjoy the excitement and exhilarating feeling of all kinds of water sports in Nepal.

  • Davis Fall

    Patale Chhango or Hell’s Falls, has accumulated many different names over the years. Located near the Pokhara airport, this attraction has become one of the most popular sights in Nepal. Also known as Devi’s Falls, David’s Falls, Devin Falls and Davis Falls, the name might take on different forms, but the sight remains the same. It is an area that is known for its beauty and ...

  • Janakpur

    Janakpur, also known as Janakpurdham, which denotes a sacred place, is unquestionably Tarai’s most fascinating and mystical city just 165km to the east of Birgani. It is at religious sites here that those traveling the Hindu pilgrimage circuit are required to make a stop to show their respect.