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  • Attractions

    National Parks

    There are a great number of National Parks in Nepal which are definitely worth a visit. The country has an abundance of wildlife which will appeal to all – snow leopards, Indian rhinoceros, barking deer, bears and tigers – and that's not all! Many a Nepali legend has incorporated these stunning creatures, and life in Nepal would not be quite the same without them. The best way to view ...

  • Airports

    Bharatpur Airport

    If you are looking for easy access to the Chitwan District, you might want to consider using the Bharatpur Airport which is located in the city of Bharatpur. Bharatpur is the capital of the Chitwan District, and this makes the Bharatpur Airport in Nepal one of the most important access points to this part of the country.

  • Activities

    Jungle Safaris

    There are so many ways to view Nepal and its intense diversity in climate and geography. One such adventure is a jungle safari. Unlike any other place in the world, you will see some of the most unique topography, this ranges from the sub-tropical jungles in the lowlands to extreme cold high above in the Himalayan range, ice capped waiting for a worthy challenger to reach its summit. One of ...

  • Wildlife

    Indian Rhinoceros

    Most of us have seen a picture of an Indian Rhinoceros but may not remember its name. This unusual creature resembles an ‘armor-plated’ rhinoceros as its thick, loose skin forms folds here and there creating a ‘plated’ effect. This is one of the Indian Rhinoceros’ most distinctive features. The fact that it has only one horn is also quite unique. All in all, the Indian Rhinoceros is one of ...

  • National Parks


    Situated in the south of central Nepal, the Chitwan National Park is one of the country's natural treasures. The park covers an area of 932 sq. km and is home to a variety of animals and plants. The first section of the park was set aside for animals by King Mahendra in 1959. Later, in 1963, more land was added for a rhinoceros sanctuary. The entire park was first recognized as a united ...

  • Central


    Nestled in the Chitwan Valley, is one of Nepal’s largest cities, which continues to grow and develop as the years pass, namely Bharatpur. Located near the cities of Gorkha, Pokhara and Kathmandu, Bharatpur is easily accessible by road and due to its extensive transport network, the city has also become a leading industrial hub. Being an ever-evolving economic centre has contributed to the ...