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  • Day Hikes

    Southern Settlements

    There are few day hiking opportunities in Nepal that can quite match the splendor and culture of the Southern Settlements day hike. This beautiful hike takes you to a variety of villages and towns, through carefully cultivated countryside and past a few scattered settlements. Along the way you will find out more about a number of traditional crafts and you will meet and see interesting ...

  • Art Galleries

    NAFA Gallery

    The Nepal Association of Fine Arts was established in the year 1965. It was founded by King Birendra, of which he was the chairman. In 1977, the Nepal Association of Fine Arts became affiliated to the Royal Nepal Academy, and has remained a part of the Arts and Crafts Department of the Academy. The NAFA was established because of the King’s devotion to the development of art, and ...

  • Central


    Because it is not easily reached by road or by air, not many people choose to visit Bungamati in Nepal. However, that does not mean that it is not worth visiting. Quite on the contrary: Bungamati’s lack of easy access to the rest of Nepal has spared it from a lot of the development and cultural degradation that has occurred in some larger cities. The village is only about 10 kilometers south ...