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    Located at the foot of the Chure Pahad, in the fertile Terai flat-land of the Western Region of Nepal, the city of Butwal is home to a diverse mix of people from different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, language groups and religions. The city is a mere 26 kilometers from the border between India and Nepal is an important commercial, industrial and agricultural center. The Tinahu River, ...

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    Nepal's culture is greatly influenced by its music, architecture, religion and literature. Your first sight of Nepal may leave you speechless, the great quantities of temples, churches, monasteries and other religious buildings, the hurly-burly in the streets and the number of people and animals socializing on every corner of the narrow cobble-stone lanes.

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    Bhaktapur or 'the City of Devotees' is situated at an altitude of 1.401 m and covers and area of about four square miles. This small city still retains the medieval charm and visitors are treated with numerous natural wonders. The ancient glory of the Malla rulers reflects in the Durbar Square and pottery and weaving are their traditional industries. The city is situated a mere 14 km east ...

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    Nepal may not have the most extensive television industry in the world but it is proud of those stations which it does have. These carefully planned and well established television networks are part of the country’s national heritage. The majority of TV programs in Nepal are broadcast in Nepalese but you will also be able to find some which are broadcast in English if you try hard enough.

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    Do you find that you really enjoy participating in the Nepal forums? Do you enjoy setting all the facts straight and helping foreigners come to a better understanding of what makes your country tick? Then why not consider becoming a forum moderator? is offering virtually anyone – but especially locals – the chance to join our team of website designers and content writers in order ...

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    Not many people are looking for real estate in Nepal because they don’t think of it as viable proposition. Truthfully, the country may still have a way to go before the economy meets its potential, but in the meantime, this hasn’t stopped many from purchasing real estate in Nepal. The country is filled with a fascinating people, incredible natural wonders and a brilliant spiritual atmosphere ...

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    The magnificent architecture of Nepal is a form of art which truly captures the culture and essence of Nepal. Traditional Nepalese architecture attracts both tourists and scholars to this amazing country. The fascinating historical buildings and unique Nepalese architectural designs inspire much awe. Particularly popular is Bhaktapur where tourists can explore numerous outstanding Nepalese ...

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    The art and culture of Nepal is and always has been strongly influenced by the religious beliefs of the country. The artwork is decorative, delicate and very beautiful. Nepal art is strongly influenced by the culture of the people and the two really go together and are interwoven. The two most typical forms of art are that of paintings and sculptures. Nepal art and culture has changed little ...

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    In all countries and languages, proverbs and sayings have been formed by societies to capture basic truths and perceptions based on the experiences of communities. This is true for Nepal's proverbs and sayings, which provide much insight into the culture, views and ideals of the people. Proverbs from Nepal are most often related to situation in life and general opinions. Well-known Nepalese ...

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    Nepal is primarily a Hindu country with some 90% of the population claiming to adhere to the faith. However, members of the Buddhist faith are often so closely linked to those of the Hindu faith that it can be difficult to tell them apart. Thus in Nepal, religion serves to bind many people together instead of having the dividing effect that can be seen in so many other countries with ...